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We all have name brand products that we love.

I prefer Pepsi products to Coke.  Jif Peanut Butter over Skippy.  Cheetos to any ‘imitation’ cheese puff.

But would I willingly get a tattoo of a favorite brand logo if it meant a 20 percent discount for life?

Not even.

But that is exactly what Ecko Unlimited is currently purposing to its brand faithful.  And they appear to be perfectly seriously.

The popular line of t-shirts, denim, polos, and sneakers is offering a 20 percent life-time discount to anyone who gets a tattoo of the brand’s iconic rhino or shears on their person.

Sound like a deal?

Before you run out and invest in a new tramp stamp, do the math.  If the Ecko Unlimited tee you are jonesin’ for retails at $30, the brand permanently decorating your backside only saves you $6.

Six bucks!

They expect people to turn themselves into a billboard for that?  Sorry, Ecko — personal real estate carries a far heftier price.

Naked truth

Does a celebrity posing nude ever draw attention to anything…

besides the fact that they’re plum buck naked?

Adam Levine, front man for musical group Maroon-5, is the latest superstar to jump into the fray.  He appears in the latest issue of Cosmopolitan UK without a stitch on.  His pitch? 

Everyman, a campaign dedicated to raising awareness for testicular and prostate cancer. It funds the Everyman Centre in Surrey, Europe’s only male-centered cancer research center.

In deference to Cosmo’s readers,  that particular region of Levine’s body is artfully blocked in the shot by the hands of his girlfriend.  The rest is covered by tats.  Lots and lots of tats.

Are these photos a victory for cancer awareness?  I hope so.

Personally, I think the tattoo industry may get the biggest bang from Levine’s beefcake.

Oops, there it is

Umm…what’s that?

I had outpatient surgery Tuesday — nothing fancy, in and out, all is well —  but it was fancy enough that I wasn’t awake to watch.

When they pulled off the sticky pads that held the electrodes that monitored my heart rate, they not only took off some skin cells, but my self tanner as well!  And in its place?

An unexpected ink-free tattoo as a reminder of my four hours at Lennox Hill Ambulatory Surgery Center!

And we’re not talking one funky, free-form ink-free tat.  We’re talking four — one on each arm, and two on my chest.

I know you’re jealous.

And it gave me a great idea for how folks who don’t like needles can achieve distinctive, tat-like patterns on their person.

  1. Lay down a good base of self tanner.
  2. Apply heavy-duty stickers in the desired shape.
  3. Leave on for a minimum of 90 minutes.
  4. Pull off with great gusto.

Voila — instant, ink-free tats that will last as long as, well, self tanner.

Or you can do it the old-fashioned way and have surgery.

Good luck!