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It’s March, people

Dear Taxi TV and NBC Sports:

It’s March, the most wonderful time of the year. The month that means one sport and one sport only — basketball.

So how come your featured sports headlines list everything but?


(And yes, I scrolled down. It wasn’t there either.)

The conference tourneys are underway. NCAA Selection Sunday is this week. Can’t you feel it??!

Get with the program, guys.

Traffic stop

File this under News of the Weird:

stop wait goAs I was walking Rory toward the park, I saw a car stalled in one of the lanes on Central Park West. A taxi cab was behind it, and a police car after that. As we approached, the police officers were opening the car doors.

Everyone in the car was fast asleep. The driver was slumped over the wheel. The passenger in the back was laid out flat.

The officer poked them both with his nightstick. It took awhile to wake them up, but eventually they both roused.

A million scenarios from TV and movies went through my mind. Did someone hijack their car and knock them out? Were they overcome by fumes? Were they victims of alien abduction? But it’s probably like a friend of mine said…

They just passed out drunk at the light.


Those aren’t pillows!

Planes-Trains-and-AutomobilesA taxi.

An airplane.

Another taxi.

The subway.

A train.

Yet another taxi.

That’s how I traveled from Boston this morning…made a brief stop home in New York City mid-day…and arrived in Philadelphia early this evening.

I can’t help but think —

Steve Martin and John Candy would be proud.

Taxi talk

Cause or effect?

Do I tend to get chatty cab drivers…or make cab drivers more chatty?

Regardless, my conversation with George — who drove me to the train station today in Paoli, Pennsylvania — now puts me at two degrees of separation from Beyonce herself.

Put a ring on that.

George’s nephew is one of Beyonce’s dancers..and is currently featured on Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition. Abby is the Abby Lee of Dance Moms fame. I’ve seen one episode of Ultimate, but of course didn’t realize I was gazing upon George’s nephew.

George himself is a DJ: he says the entire family is musical. And everyone is mighty proud of their boy for his work with Beyonce…as they should be.

Regardless of the reason, I’m glad George got chatty with me.  What a fun story!

Deutsch Taxifahrer, Teil zwei

As you may recall, last night’s German taxi driver was a conspiracy theorist.

And tonight’s?

He put his hands over his ears when I said hello.

Now, I know I don’t speak German, but seriously — does the very sound of an American voice offend?

I think it scared this guy.

He quickly walked back to his cab and said, “I’m old man. No English.” To which I brilliantly responded,


That was our entire conversation…until we arrived at the hotel, where he pointed to the meter, and said “Marriott.”

I considered putting my hands over my ears, but I’m pretty sure the humor wouldn’t translate.

Pixelated, man

My German taxi driver shared an interesting theory today.

He has stopped watching TV because there are subliminal messages between the pixels that hypnotize you.

His concerns were based on the work of a Russian scientist (so you know it’s true).

The conversation took me back to my advertising classes in college.  Of course, back then we were discussing subliminal imagery — ways to get people to buy without realizing they had been manipulated — so his theory isn’t that far afield.

He also posits that the longer you sit there, the more hypnotized you become and the more open to the message.

I’ll give him the hypnotized part…but could the producers of some of these really dumb reality shows be smart enough to embed messaging that would, say, overturn the government?

(Come to think of it, it would explain the Tea Party….)

People — step away from your flat screens!

Smelly cab

Remember the Seinfeld episode where Elaine gets in the cab that reeks of killer B.O.?

The smell stuck to her clothes — was even in her mouth — long after she got out of the taxi.

I can do her one better.

After being out of town all week — four cities in four days, two missed flights, and more airplane boxed meals than I care to remember — I excitedly jumped in the cab to get home to my dog.  And what was there to greet me?


I say farts (plural) because it wasn’t just one that faded away as I sat there.  No, the odor was constant and cloying and seemed to invade every pore of my skin.

Elaine, if you’re out there in your imaginary world, I’m pretty sure farts trump B.O. — I win!

Which means I lose.  Oh yes, I lose BIG TIME.

Next stop

Today on Twitter, there’s a trending topic called:


This is a subject near and dear to my heart, because public transportation has been a way of life for me since I moved to Boston way back in 2000.

I took one look at the parking situation, sold my car, and vowed to walk, take the subway or hail a cab for all my transportation needs.

I’m in New York City now and haven’t regretted a day.

That being said, public transportation does put you ‘up close and personal’ with people — some you want to meet, some you don’t.  It doesn’t bother me overmuch, but for the people on Twitter today, their comments have some recurring themes:

  1. Don’t sit next to me.  Let’s face it — sometimes you don’t have a choice.  But when the bus or subway is empty, and a person sits right next to you?  Yeah…that’s creepy.
  2. Don’t play loud music. I feel this one.  And we’re not talking the guy with the big boombox or the singers panhandling for change.  We’re talking the folks with their iPods on and earbuds in… and it’s still too loud.  Future deaf people.
  3. Don’t stink up the place.  Uh, yeah.  Washing before boarding? That would be great.
  4. Don’t take up two seats.  Sometimes that is a simple matter of girth. But when the train is crowded and you’re using seats for your backpack.  Rude.
  5. Don’t make eye contact.  Hate to admit it, but I am a serious violator.  I like to look around at people.  If I catch someone’s eye — and they don’t scare me — I smile.

Perhaps I should start a new trending topic:


Good goes around

Sometimes, we attempt the impossible.  And it’s only with the help of others that we get ‘er dun.

Today, those somebodies were the folks at Delta Airlines.

That’s right – I’m gonna say nice things about an airline.  They deserve it…and probably don’t hear it very often.

I flew home from a business/personal trip in Kansas City today, giving myself a scant hour-and-a-half window to grab my bags, take a taxi home, get Rory Dog settled with the sitter – he traveled with me to KC – and then turn around and go back to the airport for another business trip to Chicago.

Whose brilliant idea was that?

Mine.  But when the two trips butted heads, it was far less expensive to leave the plane tickets as they were…and several weeks ago, all the taxiing back and forth didn’t seem like such a big deal.

Today?  I was sweating it.

But the Delta ticket agent kicked things off nicely by checking my bag all the way through to Chicago — even though I was switching airlines — giving me one less thing to monkey with upon arrival in New York City.

And the Delta crew landed the plane in NYC a full 35 minutes early!  So I had a little extra time at home with Rory.  Heck, I even ate lunch!

I’m writing this in my hotel room in the Windy City — exhausted, but exactly where I’m supposed to be…and there are a lot of Delta personnel ‘just doing their jobs’ to thank.

As I recall…

I am really enjoying Toyota’s new TV ads.  Have you seen them?

The first features Erica, an entrepreneur with her own cake decorating business.  She doesn’t have a car, so she has to deliver her cakes via subway or taxi.  She’s been saving up for a Toyota Corolla for quite a while, but when Toyota heard her story — they gave her one.

Cue the tears and laughter.

The second ad features a family that has passed down their Toyota from child to child…’cause it’s just that gosh darn dependable.  They recently purchased their second Toyota — this one a hybrid.  (The youngest kid is hoping to get his hands on that one.)

They’re good ads.  If Toyota hadn’t recalled more than 10 million cars worldwide since the beginning of the year, they might have a bit more impact.  First it was stuck accelerators and braking problems, then it was an issue with the steering relay rods…and Toyota officials supposedly knew about the latter and didn’t do anything until it was discovered.

Man, I’d like to see that ad…wouldn’t you?

A man and woman, driving down the highway.  Him desperately trying to stop the car.  Both of them screaming hysterically.  Cars swerving to get out of their way, like in a “Bourne Identity” chase scene…but scarier because you know it’s real.

It wouldn’t sell cars, but it would be another first…

Truth in advertising.