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Press here

I just discovered something better than sliced bread —

Pressed bread


A toast press — shaped here like a teddy bear — makes your morning slice or lunch sandwich an event.

This is the first I have seen these…and they come in all kinds of designs.

That’s what I get for not watching Food Network anymore.


A lot of people went to see Ted this weekend. I was one of ’em.  It was funny.

But I also saw a little film called Safety Not Guaranteed. Far fewer folks went to see it, and that’s a darn shame.

Because it’s better.


“Safety Not Guaranteed”

Both have fanciful story lines:  A bear that comes to life.  A man who believes he can time travel.  But whereas Ted relies on the humor of Seth McFarlane (who voices the bear) to carry the movie — and, call me cranky, is racist for reasons that I will never find funny — Safety is hilarious simply because…

It is real.

Not the time travel element necessarily.  But the people and their stories and their relationships.  So the humor that follows is a natural result.  Plus, Aubrey Plaza — from Parks and Recreation — proves she can do way more than pout.

If Safety has made its way to your town, give it a look and compare.  Then return to this space and agree.

Or let me have it.