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Rory (not the dog)

I took one of those Buzzfeed quizzes during a break in the action today —

Which Rory Gilmore Are You?

Now, I have watched every episode of this amazing television show — more than once, thank you very much — so I figured I would be the best version of Rory Gilmore. And the survey says —

rory and dean
Puppy Love Rory Gilmore


No offense to Dean — he was a great guy.  But Rory was so very young and clueless back in the puppy love years.  Can someone as cynical as I still have even a morsel of her naivete?

I thought for sure I would be the older, more sophisticated Rory that we saw surface during her years at Yale…perhaps —

rory and logan












I Love the Things Money Can Buy Rory

Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Falling Starz

Dear Major Network TV Exec’s:

Perhaps you’ve already begun your holiday weekend,  seated at centre court Wimbledon.  Or on a private island whose location you’ve only tweeted to the paparazzi.

Or maybe you’re one of the true working stiffs, stuck in a conference room, trying to resurrect your ratings.

I don’t really care where you are; I just care what you do.

Please save the brilliantly funny “Party Down”…’cause Starz is letting it die.

Executive VP of Programming Stephan Shelanski said Starz is ‘committed to aggressively expanding our original programming lineup’…but then they canceled their brand new suicide drama “Gravity,” too.

Sounds like what they really have is a commitment issue….or not enough money to back up their big plans.

Again, I don’t really care.

I just want “Party Down” to have a second chance…with a network that can afford to keep it on the air.  It’s a far better show than a lot of the shlock that’s out there now — we’re talking absurdly funny, with guest stars used in truly creative ways.

So, come on people — let’s work together and solve two problems at once.  Save “Party Down” and fill one of your slots with quality TV.

Okay?  Okay.

Now go out and play.  It’s a holiday, for cripes sake.

Serial killer

There are a few sounds in life that make me instantly recoil:

  • nails on chalkboard
  • the Nextel walkie-talkie trill
  • and the “dah dum” bumper used time and time again on the TV series Law & Order.

So, when I heard the Internet rumor — and it is still a rumor at this point — that NBC is going to cancel the show after its 20th year, my ears gave an immediate sigh of relief.

I have  never been able to watch this show with any regularity; it’s far too formulaic for my taste.

Find the body
Talk to the cops about finding the body
Conduct the first interview
Follow that lead
Gasp, an unexpected twist
New clue yields our killer
Off to the courtroom
Justice is done

It felt and looked like the same show every time I watched.  I suspect they used a random plot generator to churn out those episodes lo’ these 20 years.

But I know there are people who love this show as much as I dislike it, and news of the cancellation is causing them distress.

To them I say —  Law & Order: SVU.  Law & Order: Criminal Intent. The upcoming Law & Order: Los Angeles. Heck, there is even a Law & Order: UK. They are many ways to get your fix…many opportunities for us all to hear:


Damn it.