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Snaps all around

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again (because when you blog everyday, some repetition is expected) — we are a big ol’ bunch of judgers.

But we usually don’t admit it.

vulture-fb-iconSnaps to Vulture.com for admitting that they are doing just that — and really fast — about the new 2015-2016 television shows that are debuting during Upfronts Week.

They even called the article “Snap Judgments.”

While I know this honesty is fleeting, there is a little tear in the corner of my eye as I revel in it.

But the sad thing is, their snap decisions about the worthiness of these dramas and comedies will probably mirror that of the audience, and then that of the networks as they quickly jerk the programs off of their schedule when they don’t perform well enough after only one or two weeks.

These days, we judge quickly and fiercely without giving shows a chance to grow on the audience.

Although, without even seeing it, I’m not sure Supergirl ever had a chance.


Leave that scab alone

Is Netflix a good thing?

Sometimes I wonder.

Sure, I can stream all kinds of movies and TV shows for a lowly $7.99 a month. Cheap is good. On-demand is good. Movies at any time of the day or night — always good.

But TV shows?  Entire seasons of shows that I used to loved but were taken away because of unjust networks, poor ratings or stars who went on to bigger and better things?

Somehow giving me a chance to watch those shows again is like rubbing salt in the wound.

myboys‘Cause I still like those programs. I still want to see new episodes. And when they were gone, I learned to deal.

Watching them all again…

Just makes me bitter times two.

Dumb ol’ Netflix.

Being a sore loser

I thought I was over it.

I was wrong.

being ericaI loved Being Erica, an original comedy/drama/fantasy that aired on Soap Net before the network closed up shop in 2011.

Working with a very special therapist named Dr. Tom, Erica traveled back and forth through time.  With his help, she was able to revisit moments of regret and change her actions — usually in ways she had not anticipated.

The show was produced in Canada, and there were rumors it might be picked up by another network or produced in a new format in America.

Neither happened.

So now from time to time, I will encounter one of the show’s former stars in another TV show or movie…like tonight, when I saw Morgan Kelly [pictured above,  second from right] in a forgettable Lifetime movie.

I wonder if Brent misses Erica as much as I do?  And if yes…is anyone from the show traveling back through time right now to fix this whole cancellation nonsense?

Horse sense

Luck’s luck ran out.

So HBO canceled the series.

I applaud the network for halting production and ultimately making the decision to end the series after a fourth horse died on the set.

Some reports say the animal rights issue gave HBO a good excuse to cancel the new drama, which had poor ratings right out of the starting gate.  Whatever the reason, I’m just glad the horses are out of harm’s way.

No TV show is worth the risk.

Now…if we can just convince the City of New York that carriage rides for tourists are no excuse for horses losing their lives.

Late to the party

NBC.  I’ve decided it stands for ‘Never Be Cutting-Edge.’

How else can you explain the network’s decision to launch an “American Idol”-esque program next spring…just as AI is wheezing its final breath?

The producers and major players can see the writing on the wall.  The viewers are leaving, too.  So now NBC decides to enter the singing competition business?

At least they’re consistent.

Sure, their new iteration has a twist. The judges don’t face the contestants, so in theory their decision will be based solely on the quality of the vocals.  (The idea is based on a program called “The Voice of Holland” already in production.)

Forgive me if I think they will get around that stipulation.

More importantly, I think audiences are ready for something different.  When AI dies — which I think will happen after next season if not this one — people will be ready for the next great competition…and this ain’t it.

Who knows?  By then, maybe reality TV will even be going out of style altogether.

We can always dream.