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More than a game

In Fever Pitch, the under-appreciated love letter to the Boston Red Sox, super fan Ben (Jimmy Fallon) tries to explain his single-minded devotion to the team to his workaholic girlfriend Sarah (Drew Barrymore):

fever pitch“Clearly, it’s not just a game! If it was, then obviously I wouldn’t care about it this much.

Twenty-three years.

Do you still care about anything you cared about years ago? How about–how about five? Name me a single thing that you’ve cared about for five years.”

That scene always spoke to me.  Even though Ben was talking baseball — a sport I personally never bonded with — I had that passion.  But mine was for…


Harrison shotI’m a proud UK alum.  Years ago, I camped out for those hard-to-come-by tickets at Rupp Arena.

Now in New York City, I  watch very game that the networks allow, and have suffered every negative comment slung at the team this season by the media, haters and ‘fans’ alike.

And I never stopped believing.

The 2014 NCAA tourney has been an incredible, heart-stopping, unbelievable ride.  Kudos to our young team for putting their heads down, playing their hearts out and showing what they are made off when it mattered the most.

Now, let’s all enjoy our FINAL FOUR experience!!





David Letterman had a mini-meltdown on “Late Show” recently.

The topic?  Food.

Specifically, there are too many shows on television about food, and too many networks devoted to food programming in a world where so many people go to bed hungry.

And poor Rachael Ray, sitting there in the guest chair…

So, David was the first person I thought of today when I read this article on the sex habits of the black truffle mushroom.

I could see his face — the initial disbelief that it was written at all;  the mounting disgust that people even cared; and then, the evil glee when he figured out how to make a Top Ten List out of the topic.

Black truffles, as you probably know, are the rarest of the truffles, and the most pricey at $100 an ounce.  Scientists just figured out they’re rare because they reproduce sexually, unlike the other fungi.

Now that they know, hopefully they can get them together, get more black truffles made, and bring the price down…which, if you like black truffles, is a good thing.

Or, if you’re David Letterman, will probably inspire another food-related rant.

Watch out, Rachael.

I want my MTV

Yesterday I got a front row seat for some of the programming that has replaced music videos on MTV.

Did the ‘radio star’ really die for this?

I was background on the set of the MTV game show “Silent Library.”  If you haven’t seen it — because goodness knows I hadn’t before yesterday — six contestants vie for cash prizes trying to complete ‘Jackass’-style stunts. My role as background was to sit in the library set and read my book, unaffected by the craziness going on around me.

And it was totally whack.  These six guys, who started out full of energy and attitude, were by day’s end totally defeated by the challenges they had to perform.  Licking dirty dishes, getting a gigantic band-aid ripped off of their chest, getting a surprise pie-in-the-face from four clowns, having debris vacuumed into a domed helmet they were wearing — ridiculous!

It confirmed two things in my mind.

One,   I want to be a game show host.  The host of “Silent Library,” whose name is ‘Zero,’ did just that.  He sat off to one side and did as little as the background actors for the bulk of the program.  Then, at the end of the shoot, he stepped forward and recorded about 10 lines of dialogue.

I want that gig.

Second, I need to submit some show ideas to the networks.  Clearly they are hard up for programming and will buy pretty much anything.

Now is the time to make it big…if only to make those radio stars feel better in the great beyond.