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Check your math

wimbledonmatchNovak Djokovic:

#1 in the world
#1 seed at Wimbledon
Reigning Wimbledon   champion
Now playing on Court #1


Roger Federer:

#2 in the world
#2 seed at Wimbledon
Last won Wimbledon in 2012
Now playing on Centre Court

Something doesn’t add up…


Faux pas

Fashion has always been a big draw in women’s tennis. Many of the top players, including both Williams sisters and Maria Sharapova, have their own clothing lines.

But the men?

More and more, they appear to be fashion victims of the labels who pay them to wear their clothing on court. And then at this week’s French Open, THIS happens…

stan wawrinkaYoshihito

Who wore it better?

In that design, nobody wins.

Double the fun

I spent nine hours today at the US Open tennis tournament — the hottest day this year in New York City.

Thank goodness I had a big hat.

During that time, I watched a lot of tennis, both singles and doubles, on all three major courts at the Billie Jean King Tennis Center.

My pick for the match of the day?

bryan brosThe Bryan Brothers win on the Grandstand

It was moved from Louis Armstrong because the Cilic / Simon match ran five sets.  And as soon as word got out, people started streaming into the smaller court where every seat is a great seat.

Five guys had appointed themselves cheerleaders for the Bryan Brothers and periodically treated the crowd to custom cheers that always got a huge ovation. The challengers, Verdasco / Marrero, had their fans, too; I would just need a translator to tell you what they were saying.

The first set was classic Bryan Brothers, a quick 23-minute hold. But the momentum shifted in the second set, and Ver/Mar claimed it.  The third was back and forth until the Bryan Brothers got the break.

I’m pretty sure our crowd could be heard throughout the Tennis Center.

Doubles deserves much more respect.


Who is that dignified dame?

I know I can do anything I set my mind to…be anything I want to be.  But even if I lived in England and were the appropriate age…

I could never be a Wimbledon ball girl.

The Championships - Wimbledon 2010: Day SixLook at that steely gaze.  She maintains it the entire match.

Does she smile?  Never.  Appear to enjoy the match or be affected by the tennis legends that are playing mere meters  — yes, meters, it is in England — away?

Not a chance.

She’s severe.  Precise.  Efficient.  Her top stays tucked into her skirt, even after she sprints across the court to retrieve a loose ball.  And most important of all….

She can aim the tennis ball when she throws it.

Shoot — give those ball girls a superhero movie with a summer release date.  They’re not human!

Sporting manners

Professional tennis players:

With a few exceptions, you display great sportsmanship.

You begin and end each match with a handshake at the net, and can often be seen applauding your opponent’s play at the conclusion of a particularly well-placed volley.

You also seem compelled to apologize when good luck comes your way…in the form of the tennis ball clipping the net and falling on the other side of the court.  Immediately your hand pops up, your face adopts a  look for shame.

Really?  Are you truly sorry?  And for what — that a 50/50 chance, a coin toss went your way this time?  Why apologize for that?  It will probably go the other guy’s way next time.  The fates will equal things out, I’m sure.

And if they don’t?  You can wave at your opponent when you hoist the trophy.  Believe me, he’ll get it.