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The ol’ switcheroo

Sometimes two wrongs do make a right.

Or at the very least, a laugh.

When TNT was switching between commercials tonight, the beginning of a promo for Noah Wyle’s series Falling Skies began and was then quickly covered up by another TNT promo for Hot in Cleveland.

And oddly enough, it worked.

Noah Wyle Falling SkiesNoah Wylie’s character — whose name I don’t know since I have never watched the sci-fi series — was giving a ‘rally the troops’ speech.

I only heard the very start of it, but he clearly said…

“We must fight.”

Then the network switched to the HIC ladies sitting in a terminal, complaining about the services available at the airport. They were talking about TV viewing, but if you’ve ever spent any time waiting in airports, Noah’s speech made a lot of sense.

hot in cleveland airport promoWe must rise up against the machines!




Head down

The ceilings in the terminal at Miami International Airport are so low, I feel like I’m gonna bump my head.

I’m only 5’7″, folks.


Why would any airport, your last stop before flying off into the ‘wild blue yonder,’ be so claustrophobic?  Wouldn’t it try to inspire, to remind you of the trip ahead with grand vistas and high ceilings?

This terminal is so cramped, the airplane I will soon board is gonna feel roomy.

Oh — maybe that’s the plan.