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Stop and go

Now that the Oscars are behind us, we can turn our attention to movies that we’d never expect to see in contention…

But in some cases, might enjoy more.

liam non-stopThis week’s entry?

Non-Stop, starring Liam Neeson as a washed up air marshal on an international flight that is taken hostage via text message moments after take-off .

(Apparently the writers are fans of Pretty Little Liars.)

Not surprisingly, the conceit works here as well, as Liam battles blindly — every passenger and crew member a potential ally and/or enemy.  And if you’re a frequent flier like me, the scenes of airline passengers in peril — well, they’ll have you twisting in your seat a bit.

While this movie may not be Oscar bait, the script certainly drew its fair share of award-winning actors.

corey stoll non-stopWatch House of Cards on Netflix?  Why look, there’s Representative Peter Russo, who did you-know-what in Season 1 with a little help from Francis Underwood.

Wonder what is he plotting with those two gentleman?  Gonna have to see the movie and find out.

Julieanne non-stop And look who decided to sit next to Liam in business class — Oscar-nominated actress Julianne Moore.

She’s wearing heavy, horn-rimmed glasses and a scary-looking scar, but she’s not fooling anybody.

Or is she?
michelle non-stopAnd is that Michelle Dockery — Lady Mary from Downton Abbey — playing the part of a working class flight attendant? You know it.

Watch her serve drinks! Follow orders! Be manhandled!

lupita-nyongo- non-stopEven Lupita Nyonga, who is probably still grasping her brand-spanking new Best Supporting Actress Oscar, pops up from time to time on-screen.

This, my friends, is entertainment at its best.

Food as art

There are many pursuits in life that we trust only to experts. Electrical.  Plumbing.  Surgery.  The cutting of our bangs.

Trust me on that last one.

So why do so many people attempt to photograph the food on the plate in front of them?

True, cameraphones today have the technology to produce great images, but that doesn’t automatically mean we can…especially when hot and cold foods are involved.

Food stylists employ all kinds of amazing techniques and non-food items to create the beautiful images we enjoy online and in magazines.

Like Hollywood superstars, these foods are airbrushed and artificial.

That’s why your picture of grandma’s green bean casserole or turkey chili or that special cocktail from the bar that you text from your phone or post on Facebook or Twitter often receives such unexpectedly negative comments from your family and friends.

It looks kinda gross.  Sorry.

Working relationships

“Work husband.”

I used that phrase in a text message to my friend Suzanne earlier today, and she laughed.

Have you ever had a work husband or wife?

You know, a co-worker who you spend more time with than your actual significant other… who can finish your sentences for you… who laughs at your jokes and really ‘gets you’ and your ideas?

Don’t get me wrong — this is not a romantic situation; you’re both perfectly happy in your relationships outside of work, but at work — this person is a spouse (of sorts).

I had such a work husband at one of my first jobs.  We worked long hours and spent way more time together than either of us probably wanted to.  But he was — and remains — a great friend that I truly respect.

When I was offered an exciting new position in another city, telling him I was leaving was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.  Breaking up that partnership — “divorcing” my work husband when I was happy in the work marriage — was tough.

But, we were adults about it.  We both went on to new jobs and new ways of working.  I’ve had a couple of other work husbands after him, in fact.

But…you never forget your first.

Social conscious

Attention doubters and disparagers:  social media has proven it is far more than just a great way to waste time.

It can, for instance, raise $2 million dollars for earthquake relief in Haiti in 24 hours.

Thanks to thousands of status updates on facebook and Twitter — and I’m sure a mention by President Obama didn’t hurt, either — mGive was able to collect the monies via text message in a campaign organized by the State Department and the Red Cross.

Anyone with a cell phone is able to text the word “HAITI” to 90999 and $10 is donated to the Red Cross. The donation appears on your monthly cellphone bill.

I’m sure concerts will be planned, and organizations and celebrities will step forward with large donations to help in the cause. But this grassroots effort was made possible — and fast and simple — by the technologies that we sometimes love to hate.

So the next time you are in the movie theatre and some yo-yo starts texting in the dark…

Or you realize you spent the entire morning playing on facebook or Twitter instead of doing real work….

Remember Haiti.