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I am starting to see a pattern here

I sat down at the computer this morning — filled with ambition — determined to avoid yesterday’s movie meltdown.

And what article immediately distracted me from all meaningful employment?

the other placeThe Other Place is a Broadway play starring Laurie Metcalf of Roseanne and The Big Bang Theory.  She plays a researcher struggling with an unnamed neurological disease whose ability to know what’s real and what’s not slowly begin to fade.

Daniel Stern has played her husband in the show but had to leave due to a family emergency. Bill Pullman (1600 Penn, While You Were Sleeping) stepped in February 5th with only a week to learn the role and rehearse.

I did not know this.

I have seen Pullman on stage in The Goat, or Who is Sylvia?, but that was years ago.  And while The Other Place has been on my list, his addition to the cast has jettisoned it to the must-see category.  As in, I spent my morning looking at seating charts and buying a ticket.

Bill Pullman, you’ve done it again.

Geek song

I accidentally caught a rerun of the brilliantly ridiculous sitcom “Third Rock from the Sun” today.  I was working, and the show’s opening theme song caught my ear.

If you don’t remember it, here’s the full open.

It’s a great one — that John Lithgow is genius — and reminds me a bit of the truly exceptional opening credits for “The Big Bang Theory.”  Don’t know it?  Take a look-see.

Amazing, huh?

Which also brought to mind the “Star Trek” television series and its legendary song and opening sequence. (I know you remember this one.)

Which begs the question…

Why do all the sci-fi geek shows have the best opening themes?  Are they simply smarter…so they know how important a great opening number really is?  Or is a strong opening even more important for these type of shows because their content is riskier?

Or do they just try harder?

I vote for number three.  Go geeks!

The Late Late Bang

It’s a great day in America!  Why?  Because Craig Ferguson is bringing crossover television back for your viewing pleasure.

At the top of his show last week, Craig appeared in a mini-episode of “The Big Bang Theory” — in true crossover style — and then had the cast take over his show for the rest of the night in a collection of sketches and interviews.

Hilarity ensued.

Thanks, Craig.  We used to depend on television sitcoms and their associated spin-offs for crossover nights.  You know, when Doug from “King of Queens” would appear on “Everybody Loves Raymond” — the show that birthed his series — and vicey versey.

Or remember the night that Paul Reiser’s character on “Mad About You” caused a blackout that affected everyone on “Friends”?  Even though those two series weren’t spin-offs, they did share a common setting — New York City — and the character of Phoebe’s sister, Ursula Buffay, who waited tables at their favorite restaurant.

I guess it makes sense that it would take a show outside of the TV sitcom realm to remind us that crossover television works.  Sitcoms have only recently regained their stronghold on the prime time schedule — thank you, “Modern Family” — and the only spin-offs of late have been the ever redundant “CSI’ and “Law and Order.”

Take a lesson from the Craigy Ferg, programmers everywhere.  Crossover TV is fun.

And it’s great for America!

Morning after

Well, it’s over.

After all the anticipation and prognostication, the Emmy Awards are behind us.  Even though I was happy with how they turned out — can we get a ‘woot woot’ for Jim Parsons winning Best Actor in a Comedy? — I still feel this enormous letdown that the awards are over.

I can only imagine how the stars must feel.  They had their careers invested in the process — not just viewing parties and salty snacks — and I’m guessing they were up a bit later than I was, too.

So for everyone who’s finding it a bit hard to get started this morning, I offer this bit of entertainment news…because it certainly gave me a reason to live.

Ryan Reynolds and Bradley Cooper are going to share top billing in an upcoming movie.

That’s right.  As if one of them isn’t enough eye candy for a film, the two will team up in what is being described as an “edgier, R-rated version of the Lethal Weapon series.”

What an embarrassment of riches.  And you know it’s going to be hilarious, too.

Ryan and Bradley — if you’re listening — I thank you.  I bless you.  And I want to assure you…

I am so there.

Emmy fever

Could this be the story behind the story?

The Internet has been buzzin’ that this just might be the year that Steve Carell snags the Emmy for Best Actor in a Comedy….especially on the heels of the announcement that he’s leaving “The Office” at the end of season seven.

When asked in interviews why he is exiting the show, Steve has used the age-old excuse, “I want to spend more time with my family.”  Uh huh.  But could the real reason be he wants some Emmy bling?

Could the nicest guy on television have evil Emmy envy in his good-as-gold heart…and know that his departure might elicit some voter appreciation?

He is human, whether we believe it or not.

Industry pundits — and popular poll results on several entertainment web sites — seem to be leaning toward Jim Parsons of “The Big Bang Theory” to take away the statute at this year’s awards ceremony…and I would have to agree.  (Sorry, Steve.)

Jim’s portrayal of King Nerd Sheldon is spot-on brilliant, and now that “30 Rock” is no longer the new comedy sensation, I think Alec Baldwin’s command of the category is fading.

Who will win?  Tune in and see!

CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!

The Emmy Awards will be broadcast LIVE tonight @ 8PM ET on NBC.

Sheldon. Sheldon. Sheldon.

A couple of months ago, Facebook was full of doppelgangers.

But none as impressive as the one Friday on my very delayed flight to Dallas, American flight 2708, seat 10A.

Not mine – Jim Parsons’, the actor who plays Sheldon, on the brilliant “Big Bang Theory” on CBS.

I noticed him briefly at the gate.  Actually, his boarding pass caught my eye first, because he was in the seat next to mine.  (Once inside, I realized the aisle separated us on this tiny aircraft.)

But once I got a look at him — bazinga!

He was a slightly younger, paler version of Parsons.  He sported the same super-short brown hair; the tiny, round head; and the tall, rather frail body frame.  He was even dressed a bit like Sheldon, sporting wire-rimmed glasses that fit the character to a tee.

I was ready to chat with him – ask him if people told him he looked like Parsons, get a photo as proof – but then he started acting like Sheldon!  He turned toward the window and didn’t interact with anyone the entire flight – the nerve!

He did carry on a rather large book and placed it in his seatback pocket.  This, I thought, is where our hero will either destroy the illusion or bring it home…

About halfway through the flight, he pulled it out and began to read.  I peered at him through the curtain of my hair — a science fiction anthology!

…and that’s when I heard a big bang!