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So filling

I saw the new musical Waitress on Wednesday.

waitressA lot has already been written about that particular performance, since they had to stop the show twice to deal with scenery malfunction…but no one was complaining.

Sara Bareilles was the entertainment during the break.

It’s not the first time I have experienced stoppages like this on Broadway.  When I saw Harvey starring Jim Parsons from “The Big Bang Theory,” they too had pesky set pieces that simply would not move.

That’s what you get when you go to early previews.

And with Waitress, you get a wonderful, heart-felt, truly hilarious take on one of my favorite films.  Kudos to the casting director, because every role was spot-on — especially the male supporting characters, who stole the show every time they stepped out on stage.

Drew Gehling as Dr. Pomatter — a role originated by my man Nathan Fillion in the movie — has big shoes to fill and does it with unique comedic timing and fantastic chemistry with star Jessie Mueller.  But the biggest ovation at curtain call — rightly so — went to Christopher Fitzgerald, who chews up the scenery (or should I say pie?) as the quirky Ogie the Elf.

The music is wonderful, and ya gotta love any set that features a cherry pie curtain, even if the darn thing doesn’t work all that well.  Because the show?






Bend and snap

I just watched the 200th episode of The Big Bang Theory!


I am as shocked as you are.



Jagged edge

Kaley Cuoco, who plays Penny in The Big Bang Theory, got married on New Year’s Eve…and the paparazzi has snapped plenty of pics of her new wedding ring.

But I can’t stop looking at her nails.

kaley cuoco ringEven if we ignore the one she had bedazzled for her wedding day…

What’s up with the witch-y points?

I’ve noticed several celebs opting for these ‘dagger nails’ instead of the traditional rounded or squared shapes.

I don’t understand the appeal.

What to do you think?

Heroes come in all sizes

What are you up to this fine Saturday?

tbbt comic book

Getting yourself a FREE COMIC BOOK????

That’s what I thought.

May we blink?

As I sit and watch Christmas Vacation for the second time this holiday season, one name is foremost in my mind…


johnny galecki

I had forgotten — or did I ever realize? — that Johnny Galecki, Leonard on The Big Bang Theory, portrays Clark Griswold’s son Russ in the holiday cult classic. He was only 13 when Vacation was made in 1989.

24 years ago? Really??


The whole universe…

So this happened yesterday.







The Mars Rover team visited the set of The Big Bang Theory
for their taping last night.

I join geeks everywhere in being equally excited that…

  • real scientists joined forces with TBBT clique, and
  • they’re taping new episodes.

Hurry up, fall season!  Bring on the new shows!!

That’s entertainment

During a lively discussion about the Oscar nomination hits and misses with a friend of mine in the ‘hood, a nine-year old girl listening in countered,

“You know this awards stuff isn’t really important, right?”

A child with perspective.  I hate that.

Well, she’s gonna love this.  I now want to address the egregious omission of Ben and Leslie of Parks and Recreation from the E! Online “TV’s Top Couples Tournament.”

Thirty-two couples are vying for the title, and Ben and Leslie aren’t even being considered.

Thank goodness Lil’ Sebastian isn’t alive to see this day.

Since the obvious winner isn’t allowed to compete, I want to make sure some good couples make it into the round of Sweet 16.

Couples like…

  • Phil and Claire of Modern Family
  • Castle and Beckett of Castle
  • Leonard and Penny of The Big Bang Theory
  • Barney and Robin of How I Met Your Mother

I’m sure you have your favorites, so vote today!

It’s very important.

Hit me, baby

I write The Sticky Egg every day, so there isn’t a whole lotta rhyme or reason to my choice of topics.

Most days, I’m just happy to have one.

So it’s interesting to glimpse ‘behind the curtain’ at the site statistics to see what posts readers like the best.  Plus, it gives me a chance to say ‘thank you’ to a few of the celebrities and TV shows that bring sightseers to The Egg.

Carson Kressley The Queer Eye veteran has been a favorite of mine — along with crazy man David Arquette — since they first announced this season’s Dancing with the Star’s cast listAfter watching the first week of shows, I am happy to report, I was right.  He’s not the best dancer, but he’s the most entertaining by far.  Voters, keep him around.  The show will be better for it.  (And I can keep yapping about him.)

Ryan Gosling Okay, I’ll admit it — not counting this post, I’ve written about Ryan Gosling five times during the The Egg’s two-year existence.  What can I say?  He inspires me.  And apparently readers are okay with my choice of subject matter, too.  If Ryan continues to make so many great movies, might I suggest a regular Gosling feature on the Egg?  Don’t worry — I will always include quality photos.  (They are as much for me as they are for you.)

Law & Order — I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this iconic New York City drama.  I was thrilled to appear as an extra in no less than nine episodes of the original series.  They were long, boring days that taught me a lot about the biz.  But I honestly don’t care much for the show itself.  The musical stinger alone gives me hives.

The Big Bang Theory  If Kaley Cuoco (Penny) fell in the woods, would it make a sound? I can answer that with a resounding yes.  When Kaley had a horseback riding accident last season — and I wrote a blog about it — fans of the show flocked to The Egg.  And they just keep on coming back.  Kaley, if blog traffic starts to slide, I may need you to attempt a few more daredevil stunts.

High Fashion  Whether it’s Hillary Clinton’s hair don’t, Royal Wedding hat do’s, or ‘pretty piggy’ bacon strips for your dinner table, readers seem to like posts that celebrate all things fashion.  I kinda feel guilty though…me sitting here in my jeans and t-shirt.  But The Egg is only too happy to join the fray.

Thanks for continuing to come along for the ride!

Special Sticky Sneak Peak:  tomorrow I’ll be blogging about my experiences as an audience member at the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Will Jimmy have Egg on his face??  The answer tomorrow!

What he said

Females of the world, take note.

If you’ve ever wondered what would capture the attention of men young or old, married or single, here’s your answer:

BAZINGA t-shirt

I’ll explain.

I attended the matinee performance of the revival of The Normal Heart on Broadway yesterday.  Jim Parsons — Dr. Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory — makes his Broadway debut in the play.  That’s why I went.  That’s why I wore the tee (with a black leather jacket).  Girl’s gotta represent.

I certainly didn’t expect to get smiles and hellos from every guy I passed — some with their wives and girlfriends in tow.

I also never expected to be mesmerized by this play.

The Normal Heart takes place during the rise of the AIDS crisis in New York City, centering around the experience of writer/activist Ned Weeks, the gay Jewish founder of a prominent HIV advocacy group.

Joe Mantello, who plays Ned, gives a master class in acting.  Joe normally spends his time behind the scenes, directing award-winning Broadway productions.  Assassins.  Wicked.  Take Me Out.  Angels in America: Millennium Approaches.

Yep.  Those were all Joe.

He is surrounded by an amazing ensemble cast in The Normal Heart. John Benjamin Hickey (The Big C), who plays Ned’s lover Felix,  is the heart of the play, and Ellen Barkin, as the doctor fighting this new unknown disease, is its backbone, strong and sure.  (All three are nominated for Tony Awards, deservedly so.)

The Normal Heart is shades of light and dark, funny and sad, bitter and sweet.  I learned a lot about New York City and its response — or lack there of — to the AIDS crisis.  I saw some incredible performances.  I shed a tear or two.

And I learned the power of a tee.  Not a bad afternoon.

Dynamic duos

Ricky and Lucy.  Ross and Rachel.  Sam and Diane.   Every generation has had its seminal TV couple.  But not today.

We gots all kinds of ’em!

Thanks to a really strong lineup of sitcoms — and dramas, too — the current television landscape boasts multiple couples with great chemistry, fun banter, and unconventional relationships.

Do I have favorites?  You betcha!  (Thanks for asking.)

Here are my 2011 Top Five TV Couples:

No. 5Sheldon and Amy, The Big Bang Theory — Call them the ‘uncouple’.  They don’t like to spend too much time together, preferring to Skype.  The terms ‘girlfriend’ and ‘boyfriend’ offend their sensibilities.  And the only kiss they have ever exchanged was more scientific experiment than sexual act.  But their pairing has added a spark to the already smoking nerd fest that is TBBT. Long live Shamy!

No. 4:  Jack and Liz, 30 Rock — We’ve all had that work colleague who is more than a friend.  But in the fantastical world that is 30 Rock, Liz and Jack’s more-than-a-friendship mentor-ship blurs the lines in bizarre, often disturbing, always hilarious ways.  Heck, they even got married by accident.  If I had a nickel…

No. 3:  Castle and Beckett, Castle — This may be a TV drama, but anyone who watches Castle knows this police procedural is sprinkled with a heavy helping of funny, thanks to Nathan Fillion’s take on its namesake.  And his chemistry with Detective Beckett is as Sam and Diane as it gets on TV today.  Will they?  Won’t they?  When?  Hurry up already!

No.2:  Ben and Leslie, Parks & Recreation — My favorite ‘newbie couple’ on TV today, Ben and Leslie are as positive and life affirming as those shiba inu puppies on the web cam.  I love their characters separately; I love the idea of them together even more.  Since the series is relatively young, I thought they’d keep us dangling like a worm on a hook in a lake in a park in Indiana. But did you see last night?  “Uh oh.”

And, last but definitely not least, my choice for the absolute bestest TV couple of 2011:

No. 1:  Claire and Phil, Modern Family — No couple on TV is funnier because no two actors are braver.  The Dunphys’ sexual exploits alone are worth a spin-off.  (Could they be more unsuccessful?  How did they have three children?)   This week’s episode “Bad Dog, Good Dog”  — featuring a brilliant parenting role switcheroo — was yet another tour de force for Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen.  They are, simply put, the very best on television today.

Emmy voters, mark your ballots.