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Imitation nation

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

And in Hollywood, it’s the best way to make a buck.

Alcon Entertainment was as surprised as anyone by the enormous box office success of “The Blind Side,” which has raked in over $210 million to date.  Add to that Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award nominations for Sandra Bullock as Best Actress.

Not too shabby.

No doubt studio executives and their minions are scrambling to find scripts or, indeed, any projects they might already have in the can that would strike a similar chord with the audience.

The winner to the starting gate?  CBS Films with the January 22nd release of “Extraordinary Measures,” starring Brendan Fraser and Harrison Ford.

Let’s see how it stacks up.

True story?  √

Involves children in crisis?  Even more so.  This film has two children…and they are dying of an incurable disease.  √ √

Happy ending?  If you are going to put us through a story about dying children, there had better be.  √

Big stars?  Harrison Ford big enough for you?  √

I think we have a winner!

Note — “Extraordinary Measures” was one of the first CBS Films placed in production after it was established in 2007.  Try as I might, I couldn’t find out when it was actually completed, though.  Who knows?  The success of “The Blind Side” may have given it new life.

Isn’t that (sniff) the most amazing (sniff sniff) story ever??

Seeing double

The Golden Globes have always been a bit of a bad boy in the awards community.

The Hollywood Foreign Press is in charge, so newcomers and outsiders are recognized (to the insiders’ dismay).  Everyone is clearly drinking during the ceremony, which can lead to some rather colorful acceptance speeches. (Remember Kate Winslet’s semi-hysterical ramblings after she finally won not once but twice last year?)

And then, there is the name of the awards themselves.  Golden Globes?  I’ll bet pretty much every man out there visualizes a certain part of the female anatomy when he hears that term.

Based on this year’s Golden Globe nominations announced just this morning — my, aren’t I topical — we will all be seeing double come January.

Sandra Bullock is nominated twice — for Best Actress, Drama, “The Blind Side” and Best Actress, Comedy, “The Proposal.”

Meryl Streep is nominated twice as well…this time in the same category (Best Actress, Comedy), for “It’s Complicated” and “Julie and Julia.”

Matt Damon is nominated twice, too — for Best Actor, Comedy, “The Informant!” and Best Supporting Actor, Drama, “Invictus.”

Pretty exciting, huh?  With all those nominations, you’re bound to snag at these one, right?

Not necessarily.  Just ask Julianne Moore.  She’s been nominated twice before and walked away empty-handed.  Kate Winslet’s vapor-inducing win last year was the exception, not the norm. I think multiple nominations often muddy up the field and, if anything, just point more clearly to the other actors in that category.

And let’s not forget — the Golden Globes recognize television as well.  Anna Paquin, nominated Best Actress,  “True Blood”, was also nominated Best Actress, made-for-TV movie “The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler.”

Who’s going to win it all?  It’s still “Up in the Air.”

He he he