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Not again

Making movies cost the big bucks, it’s true.

So perhaps we shouldn’t judge producers too harshly when they remake blockbusters from years past to ensure box office success…like The Great Gatsby or Footloose.

This may also explain ‘sequel-itis’…although quality seems to figure less in that equation.

Case in point:  New Year’s Eve from director Garry Marshall.

New Year’s Eve is the sequel to last year’s horrible Valentine’s Day, a romantic comedy jam-packed with stars, cliched story lines and performances that were shallow to say the most.

(Sorry; it was that bad.) 

I’m not surprised actors are drawn to the sequel; it’s the easiest money they’ll ever make.  And Garry Marshall probably just used the Valentine’s Day shooting script and changed the California locations to New York City.

But why do it at all?

Critics skewered the first film, and audience reviews were only slightly warmer.  And while Valentine’s Day did break $100 million at the box office, there were a lot of celebrity salaries to pay.

Well, after seeing the trailer, I think I’ve figured it out.

Garry has directed a train wreck of a film…and we all know how hard it is not to look at one of those.


No do overs

On Sunday night I happened upon a showing of The Way We Were on Turner Classic Movies.

When I shared the happy accident on Facebook, six friends immediately chimed in.  And we all agreed on the movie’s main attraction:

Robert Redford

He has never looked better than he did in that film.

Perhaps Baz Luhrmann needs to watch it again, too.

The Moulin Rouge director is planning a 3-D adaptation of another Redford classic, The Great Gatsby, with Leo DiCaprio in the role that Robert made famous.

I think this is a very bad idea.

Don’t get me wrong.  I agree Leo is one of our finer actors.  And he looks very handsome with his hair slicked back, which the role of Gatsby requires.  But Leo, to me, remains very much a boy.

That’s part of his appeal.

Even in the brilliant Revolutionary Road — which should have earned him an Oscar nomination — Leo was a man child, which made his performance all the more compelling.

Robert Redford is 100 percent man.

Add to it Luhrmann’s plan to make The Great Gatsby in 3-D.  I think this effect works well in action flicks, but I not sure what it will add to this classic tale.

Sorry, Baz, just the idea of someone other than Robert in the title role is mind bending enough.  How can you expect us to settle for anything else?

For anything less?