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Must see

I’ve already seen a lot of movie trailers this week (and there are two days of movie watching still to come).

There is the ‘green team’ — The Green Hornet and The Green Lantern — and for some reason, they always seem to run them back-to-back.  Poor planning on someone’s part at the studio.

And, of course, that blasted Little Fockers trailer has been running for months.  I don’t know what’s more annoying — its total lack of originality, or the audience laughing at it every time.  Depressing.

But my favorite discovery so far at the theater?  Cowboys vs. Aliens (and it’s not even a cartoon, folks).

The movie trailer opens on a dusty town you’ve seen in a hundred other Westerns.  Then, out of nowhere… aliens attack!  And Harrison Ford is in it!  And Daniel Craig and Sam Rockwell… with Jon Favreau directing!

I mean — come on!  How could this not be the funniest thing ever?

Check out the trailer.

I know, I know — it’s no Fockers. So brace yourself.

You might just see something you’ve never seen before.


Sometimes I’m a little ahead of the game.  I’m the first to admit it.

Remember when cobalt blue kitchens were all the rage?  I had one a few years before they were trendy.  When I had a cobalt blue kitchen, it was just funky, not fashionable.

I’m okay with that.

So when I was all “Ryan Reynolds is funny and sexy,” and the rest of the world was occupied with other people, I wasn’t that surprised. 

(I’m sure you see the commonalities between Ryan Reynolds and cobalt blue kitchens, so I won’t insult you with an explanation.)

Therefore, it is with great happiness and a heartfelt ’bout time, world’ that I greet the news that Ryan has been named “Sexiest Man Alive” by People magazine.

I mean, look at the man.  He’s gorgeous and ripped.  His sense of humor and comic timing  on screen are even biggest assets in my book.

Probably didn’t hurt that he’s got a couple of big blockbuster films headed our way, “The Green Lantern” most noteably.  People never makes their decision based on sex appeal alone.  (Isn’t that why Johnny Depp got the nod last year, right before “Public Enemies” tanked at the box office?  Sorry, Johnny.)

It already has me thinking about next year’s choice.  Let’s see… November 2011. 

Wonder if any interesting movies are being released then??