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In a pickle

I pride myself on being open-minded, especially when it comes to fried foods.

The Huffington Post is not.

In fact, this weekend ‘Huff Post Comedy’ featured the slideshow  “10 Things We Shouldn’t Be Frying.”  It pictured an array of batter-dipped, fried foods you’ll find at state fairs and local gastro-pubs.

Some, I’ll admit, even made me cringe.  Fried butter.  Fried margaritas.  Even fried guacamole.  (Who knows?  Maybe the batter hides the icky avocado texture and taste.)

But the Huff staff dissed fried pickles, comparing the taste to “a dirty bomb going off in your mouth.”  

What the wha??

Clearly Huff Post needs to get their noses out of their laptops and their taste buds on top of some serious fried pickles, one of the yummiest appetizers to ever grace a paper towel-lined plate!

In New York City, I suggest visiting Ditch Plains.  Their fried pickles are sliced super thin and have a light, almost tempura-like batter.  They’re served with tartar sauce for dipping, but ask for ranch dressing….’cause everything’s better with a little ranch.

In Kansas City, head to Tomfooleries on the Country Club Plaza.  That’s the first place I ever tried fried pickles — not in the South like you might imagine.

Their fried pickles are cut thick and have a heartier batter.  You can see the spices and cheese sitting right on top.  They’re served with seasoned waffle fries, too…so if someone in your group is a ‘pickle chicken,’ everybody’s happy. (Gotta love the bucket, too.)

If you live in the South, there are lots of great restaurants that serve this delicacy.  Please share your suggestions in the comments section.

I doubt there will be a “dirty bomb” in the bunch!

Killer nose

I lived in Boston for six years, and never knew Lizzie Borden’s house was just down the road.

(Random learning from the Internet #725)

Turns out Lizzie Borden and her poor, axe-murdered parents were from Fall Rivers, which is an hour outside of Boston.  Their house has been turned into a museum and bed-and-breakfast, and was recently chosen by The Huffington Post as one of the “10 Strangest Lodgings to Stay Around the World.”

I would second that notion.

Visitors can take a “time tour” of the murders — even see the carefully preserved skulls of the Bordens —  then stay overnight in Lizzie’s room or the rooms of her dearly departed mom and dad.

Well, that certainly sounds restful.

Of course, we have to remember that Lizzie was found not guilty at the murder trial.  But the made-for-TV movie, “The Legend of Lizzie Borden” starring Elizabeth Montgomery, is what is burned on my brain.

There she was — sweet, nose-twitching Samantha  — spooky scary as Lizzie Borden.  After watching her re-enact how the police thought the murders had taken place, I was never more certain in my life that any woman was a cold-blooded killer.  Based on her performance alone, there is no way I would stay overnight in that house.

If the ghost of Lizzie Borden doesn’t get you in your sleep, I’m pretty sure Elizabeth Montgomery will.