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Spider bite

While we were all busy preparing for this weekend’s exciting Final Four college basketball tourney, Mazda issued a recall on the 2010-2012 model Mazda 6 sedans…

Because of spiders in the gas tank.

I know this sounds like a headline from The Onion, but it’s actually the second time Mazda has recalled the 6 sedan because spiders “may weave a web in the evaporative canister vent line.” Apparently a spider web could create pressure and even a potential crack in the fuel tank.

Wait a minute — is this really a recall?  Or reverse movie product placement?

mazda tank
(You gotta admit, it would be ‘amazing.’)

Tee test

Everyone thinks they have a sense of humor.  But not everyone shares your sense of humor.  If only there was a quick test.

I found it…quite by accident.

It’s a t-shirt.  I bought it from TheOnion.com store.  If I’m wearing it and a person walks by and laughs or smiles, they share my sense of humor.  If they look confused, they don’t.

Simple, huh?

Here it is — my ‘Area Woman’ tee.

If you are already smiling, you a) get it and b) share my sense of humor.

If you are tilting your head wondering WTF, here’s the skinny.

‘Area Woman’ is a play off of ‘Area Man,’ a term used in a lot of police and news reports…as in “An area man was pulled from the river” or “The string of bank robberies has been linked to an area man.”

I think it’s funny.  So do a lot of other people who walk by me when I’m wearing it with Rory in Central Park.

But just as many stare at my shirt with wrinkled brow, then look at me oddly.

These are not my people.