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Moon shadow

The supermoon appeared tonight.

It is responsible for the flood warnings here in Kentucky, so I can’t see it for the cloud cover.  But my friend Karen had more luck…


Here is the supermoon over Michigan.

Do you think it looks 5-7 percent bigger than your average moon?

Compare and see! (Then let me know. I can’t see crap here.)

Geek alert

Have you heard?

An aircraft carrier-sized asteroid is coming within 200,000 miles of Earth next week.  That’s closer than the moon.  But not close enough to hit us or change the tides or make our skin hang funny.

Or so they say.

Is this really an asteroid?  Or is that story merely a cover?  Could we be in danger of attack by an alien life form?

It’s happened before. On film.

If you know anything about Star Trek — and I do — that chunk of rock bears a striking resemble to the probe sent to Earth in 1986 to communicate with humpback whales in…


Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

That is correct.

Perhaps this asteroid that scientists are so ready to dismiss is really an example of life imitating art.

Well…it could happen. (If you hear whale song, make a run for it!)