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It feels like the first time

Actors hate being typecast.

But producers (who like money) and audiences (who like what they like) usually support it. Perhaps that explains why Rachel McAdams is starring in yet another romantic comedy, About Time.

It looks great, right? I literally cried the first time I saw the trailer. But Rachel playing the wife of yet another time traveler?

It’s like she’s cheating on Eric Bana!!

Time traveler

Happy hour pricing — it’s a great value if you make it to the restaurant on time.  But if you don’t?

bar bitesThink time zones.

This approach came to me tonight when I missed my chance at ‘bar bites’ — just $3.95 between 4-8pm — by only 12 minutes.

What if I countered that I had ‘just flown in’ from Central Time?  My watch would still read CT.  Goodness knows my stomach would.  And here at the holidays, don’t you think your local bar wench might be tempted to cut a weary traveler some slack?

It’s only 12 minutes, for cripes sake.

And it would be even cooler if it were actually true!