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A pat on the back

Hey, Time Warner Cable — mark the date on your calendar!  Someone (me) is giving you positive feedback.

(I’m as shocked as you are.)

alphabetTWC recently changed the way they order their listings in the on-screen program guide.

In the past, they listed all movies and TV shows that began with ‘The’ under ‘T’…which is stupid.  You might miss a program altogether if you forget that all important article tacked on the front of the title.

But recently — I’m not sure how recently, but I watch a lot of TV, so I’m guessin’ it hasn’t been that long ago — they changed their policy.  Now a movie like ‘The Last Five Years’ (which opens in theaters and OnDemand today) is listed under the letter ‘L.’

How groundbreaking. How logical.  How unlike Time Warner Cable.

Let’s hear it for common sense!


Here’s to Tony

Thanks to Time Warner Cable’s primetime OnDemand, I was able to watch the first episode of WeTV’s new drama The Divide before it’s premiere this Wednesday, July 16th.

the-divideI was initially drawn to the show because Tony Goldwyn, our beloved president on Scandal, is one of the executive producers and the director.  He has an impressive list of credits in the director role :  Scandal, Justified, Dexter, Private Practice, Grey’s Anatomy, and The L Word.  So I figured this new show was worth a look.

And I was right.

The story centers on a prisoner who has been on death row for almost 12 years for the murder of an entire family.  All appeals have failed, and he is scheduled to be executed in a matter of weeks when a member of the Innocence Initiative finds new evidence that may be enough for a new trial.

The cast is excellent, what I’ve seen of the writing is compelling, and Tony’s direction is top-notch.  I’ve already set my DVR to record the entire series.

Check it out!


Ain’t gonna take no static

I live in New York City and am a Time Warner Cable customer.

That means, when I return from Atlanta Saturday and try to watch the episode of Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson that I am DVRing tonight, I may be greeted instead with….











If the goobers from CBS and TWC can’t come to an agreement by midnight tonight, that is.

You guys had better get your sh#t together…’cause if I miss my Craigy Ferg —

Heads are gonna roll!

Thank you for your attention.


Dear Time Warner Cable:  Two is not enough.

(As in the number of HD shows I can record concurrently per DVR.)

I have always been aware of this restriction.  But there will come a night — like tonight, Sunday night — when I have three shows in one given time slot that I want to watch and/or record.

And I’m forced to make Sophie’s Choice.

Yes, I know some or all of these programs may be available online. But call me old-fashioned — I like watching my favorite shows on my big ol’ LCD TV.

Not on my laptop or iPad.  Unless forced.

And this ‘two program limit per DVR’ is forcing me to not watch television in the comfort of my own living room.


DV-no R

I can Skype live with someone in China for free, but Time Warner Cable’s DVR can’t shift forward to record all of “Saturday Night Live” when football coverage runs long?

Come on.

This week’s show, hosted by Charles Barkley with musical guest Alicia Keys, was going along swimmingly.  I don’t know when I have laughed as consistently and as hard since — well, since Justin Timberlake or Neil Patrick Harris hosted last year.

And then, dead air.  The “Would you like to Save, Delete, or Restart?” buttons appeared.  And there was at least another 30 minutes to go in the show.

Now, I know I have many options available to me to catch the sketches that I missed.  NBC.com.  Hulu.com.  Any number of web blogs that will attempt to link to the sketches — and be successful for a few days — until NBC pulls them for copyright infringement.

But it’s the principle of the thing.  If my DVR is high-tech enough to know when the TV show is playing in the first place, it should be savvy enough to know the show has been pushed back because the Cowboys game ran long.

Nuff’ said.