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I pride myself on being a multi-tasker, but last night, I almost fried a few internal circuits.

If any brain cells were lost in the process, I blame the International Olympic Committee and the Westminster Kennel Club and ESPN and February sweeps…not necessarily in that order.

Back in the day, when the Olympics were on television, all the other channels rolled over and played dead.  Showed reruns until the big show was through.  Had pity on the fans of their respective programs so they could give the Olympic games the intense focus they deserve.

Not anymore.

Now that TIVO and DVR and Hulu.com and channel-specific websites are out there, the other networks dare to run original programming during the Winter Olympics.  Which means — using last night as an example — I was trying to watch the Olympics and the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show finale and American Idol and the UK-Mississippi State game…all at the same time.

Now, technology was on my side.  I watched the Olympics live.  I DVR’ed American Idol.  I had the basketball game on my computer in an ESPN.com live window.  And I was able to track the dog show results on the Westminster Kennel Club website.

I could almost smell the smoke coming out of my ears.

This simultaneous viewing can be accomplished, sure.  But is it good?  Is it preferred?


I just wanted to watch the Olympics.

Spins, spangles, and sprains — oh my!

  • Republican Senator Tom Delay injured, but willing to stay in ‘for the win’
  • Donny Osmond considered an early contender
  • Macy Gray merely phoning it in

What do these celebrity tidbits have to do with each other? With you? With this column?

They are just a few of the early rumors swirling around the Internet about the as-yet-not-begun 2009 season of ‘Dancing with the Stars.’

If you have poo-poo’ed DWTS in the past because it’s a reality show, or you’re not much for dancing, believe me — the show title doesn’t tell the half of it.

It has dancing, sure, and B-list celebrities up the wazoo.  But DWTS has drama.  It has the kind of injuries reserved for extreme sports.  Dancers and celebs have affairs.  Marriages are ended.  Careers are reborn in one well-executed cha cha.

And host, Tom Bergeron, makes it all work.  Because he is funny.  And lightning quick with all the unscripted, crazy stuff that happens every week LIVE — fainting, arguments, clothing malfunctions — you name it!

It all begins this Monday night on ABC. You’d be crazy to miss it.

Plus, do you really want to flunk my post-show pop quiz??