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Press here

I just discovered something better than sliced bread —

Pressed bread


A toast press — shaped here like a teddy bear — makes your morning slice or lunch sandwich an event.

This is the first I have seen these…and they come in all kinds of designs.

That’s what I get for not watching Food Network anymore.

Food percussion

Since BuzzFeed had so much fun today combining foods into truly creative takes on your morning toast, I didn’t think they’d mind if I added yet another ingredient:

Mr. Toast himself, Heywood Banks!


If you’re not familiar with Heywood, check out this classic Egg. Then visit his website and sing for your daily bread.


Call me trendy

A lot of famous folk have been talking eating disorders lately.

Demi Lovato appeared on Katie Couric’s new talk show to discuss hers, which prompted Katie to spill the beans about her own bulimia.  Lady Gaga used to have one, too.  So did Stacey London of What Not to Wear.

It’s like eating disorders — or admitting to having had one — has become the fashionable thing to do.

Well, call me trendy — I have one, too!

I like peanut butter…a bit too much.

I like it for breakfast on toast.  I like it for lunch on bread or crackers.  I like it with chili (on the aforementioned crackers) for dinner.  Or if there’s no chili about, I’m good with the peanut butter and crackers again.

And if there’s no bread or crackers, it’s pretty great right out of the spoon.

Some people might consider this an eating disorder.  I think of it as dedication to a childhood friend who has proven himself again and again.

(But I’m not sure that is on trend right now.)

Bread is buttered

I was singing when I made breakfast this morning.

It’s not that I was in an exceptionally chipper mood.  Instead, two recent events brought a song forward from the inner recesses of my brain.

  1. The cupboards were bare, and toast was my only option.
  2. My friend Joan mentioned on Facebook that she saw a very funny comedian at a recent stand-up show in Lexington, KY.

If you’ve ever seen Heywood Banks, then you already know the song that I was serenading Rory with after our morning walk —

Yeah, Toast!

If you haven’t heard or seen Heywood Banks, well, ya need to.  And a lazy Sunday morning is the perfect time to tool around his website and check out  “Yeah, Toast!” and some of his other classic comedy songs, including “Eighteen Wheels on a Big Rig” and “The Cat Got Dead.”

I even discovered a brand new gem when I was clicking around this morning called “Taser Her Again” based on a true story.  It’s no wonder the man has won songwriting awards.

And with his Uncle Sam coif, he deserves a few style awards, too.

When the first cave man drove in from the dregs
Didn’t know what would go with the bacon and the eggs
Must’ve been a genius got it in his head
Plug the toaster in the wall buy a bag of bread make toast….

Yeah, toast!