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Wake up, duffers

I was in Boston the past five days sans DVR. That meant no late night talk shows in the morning.

Oh, the humanity.

Since I can’t really stomach Today even more, I started channel surfing and discovered a different kinda morning show–

Morning Drive

morning driveIt’s a morning show on The Golf Channel.

They talk golf, and only golf. Just golf. Lots of golf.

I like golf, but even I was fascinated at the minutiae of golf they discussed.  And maybe they were starting to feel the same way, too.  Because earlier this week, they did a live shot from their own parking lot…

…to expose the bad parking job of Holly Sonders, one of the hosts.

What does this have to do with golf?  On the surface, nothing.  But to the Morning Drive team, it gave insight into her golf swing.

Okay, then.

After six

The tuxedo was invented by a tailor in Tuxedo Park, New York, some 125 years ago at the request of tobacco magnate Pierre Lorillard IV.

It wasn’t named after the tailor.  Not Pierre, either.  Nope, Tuxedo Park got that honor.

‘Cause where you’re from matters.

I learned this slice of history today in a one-page SKY magazine article on my Delta flight.  My holiday has begun, and I’m flying to Kansas City to visit my sister, brother-in-law and countless friends there.

You see, I used to be from Kansas City…for a little while.

Oh, I was born and raised in Kentucky, and only lived in Kansas City for seven years.  But during that time, I made a now infamous trip to New York City – the current place I’m ‘from’ – and ended up talking to Al Roker outside the Today Show windowAnd when Al asked me where I was from, I said, “Kansas City.”

My Kentucky kin have never let me forget.

‘Cause where you’re from matters.

Seeing double

Brian Williams, you have a doppelganger.

And it only took me 14 years to notice.

This morning, while avoiding the news programs, I happened upon the 1997 Bette Midler-Dennis Farina farce That Old Feeling. It wasn’t that good the first time I saw it, but it’s still better than watching Today. So I let it run in the background while I ate breakfast and checked email.

A young James Denton plays the groom in the wedding that begins the film. I had kinda forgotten that detail. So today I did a serious double take — it looked like NBC News anchor Brian Williams on screen!

Now, I’ll admit, when you look at them side-by-side, the differences are more apparent.








James — or Jamie as he called himself at the time — has more even features and works it a bit harder in the smolder department.   (He was on Desperate Housewives, after all; he has a lot of practice.)

But if I didn’t know who the two men were, and someone introduced them as brothers, I would totally believe it.  Wouldn’t you?

No need to thank me when ‘Doppelganger Day’ rolls around on Facebook next year, guys.  It was my pleasure.


Giddy up

Meredith Vieira left Today earlier this month to spend more time with her family.  (She said she wouldn’t miss that early morning wake-up call, either.)

Kudos to Meredith for knowing that exiting the show was the right thing for her.

I wonder if Matt Lauer needs some time for that same kind of personal reflection?


Sorry Charlie

Windowless Room.  Day Three.

I’m free!

It’s been a race to the airport since I escaped the confines of my meeting room today.  The only story I’ve been subjected to – and I use that phrase with purposeful intent – is Today’s coverage of Charlie Sheen’s latest antics at a New York City hotel.

I remember when Today wasn’t so easily confused with Entertainment Tonight. Or Access Hollywood. Or a tabloid at the checkout counter of my neighborhood bodega.

Now Today is the first to jump on any story that contains even a hint of celebrity scandal, and belabor every detail with people whose “expertise” is as suspect as the newsworthiness of the story.

Take Charlie’s situation today.

Apparently he is traveling with his ex-wife Denise Richards and their two kids, and was entertaining a woman in his room — separate hotel rooms, since they are divorced.  But his guest got freaked by his behavior and called for help.

Charlie spent a day in the hospital, but is already back on set.

But to hear Meredith Vieira and the supposed relationship expert tell the tale, Charlie Sheen’s mere presence in the hotel with Denise and his two kids was practically child abuse.

Going on little information and a lot of emotion, they declared him an unfit parent, a danger to his children and pretty much decided in their television court of law, that he should be denied access.

Wow — and to think I used to watch Today for the news.

Morning show

Yesterday a friend’s status on Facebook read, “Monday is a lame way to spend one-seventh of your life.”  I’m sure we all agree.

It’s the beginning of the work week for most.  Alarms going off again.  Rats racing.  Blood pressures rising.

Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

But what makes Monday mornings particularly difficult for me is…there’s no late-night TV on the DVR to watch with my breakfast.

I know most of the world starts their day with “Today” or “Good Morning America” — I used to as well.  But for the past year, “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” and “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” on DVR are my morning shows of choice.

And I have to say — that’s the kind of programming you need to face the work day.  Creative.  Silly.  Irreverent.  Outrageous.  Laugh-out-loud funny.  Craig’s robot skeleton army.  Jimmy’s Twitter hash tags and award-worthy TV show spoofs.

Not another boring interview on the effect of airborne viruses on skim milk.  (I mean, come on.)

I’ve had a friend accuse me of being a bit obsessive about late-night television.  Now, unless I’m wrong and…please correct me if I am, ‘obsession’ is practically a psychiatric term…concerning people who don’t have anything else but the object of their obsession — who can’t stop and do anything else. Well, here I am stopping to tell you this. Okay? So would you please try and be a little more precise instead of calling a person something like ‘obsessive?’ *

So, don’t take my word for it.  Give it a whirl; see what you think.  Set your DVR.  Go to bed and get some sleep.  Then have your Cheerios with Craig and Jimmy.

It will make Monday — and every work day — go down a bit easier.

Note: In a sad twist of fate, both “Late Night” and “The Late Late Show” are in reruns this week.  I feel the clouds a’gatherin’…

* “Broadcast News,” 1987

King of cameo

Move over, Jon Stewart.  Stephen Colbert, this is the word:

Brian Williams, anchor of “NBC Nightly News.”

We know he’s funny.  He was the first news anchor invited to host “Saturday Night Live” …and he killed it.  Now he’s popping up everywhere, adding his dry wit all over the television lineup.

In case your DVR isn’t quite as active as mine — hey, TV viewing makes you more well-rounded — here are some choice scenes from recent weeks you may have missed.

  • On last night’s “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” Brian ‘slow jammed’ the news headlines with Jimmy and the Roots.  See how Brian counters a shot at his manhood from Jimmy.
  • Last Thursday, Brian popped up again on Jimmy Fallon, this time to pay homage to guest Jon Hamm.  (Apparently, Brian is a big “Mad Man” fan.)  The entire episode is online; Jon pops up — complete with Brian cameo — at the 19:00 mark.
  • Brian even crossed the aisle and visited “Late Show with David Letterman” last month, where David tortured him about doing Jay Leno.  Be sure and watch the entire clip — the ending is classic.

I’ve even spied him doing shtick on the plaza on “Today.”  A cameo from Brian is a hit every time.

Brian, if it were up to me, you would be the host for tonight’s season premiere of “Saturday Night Live”…but since the show went another way, I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed that you’ll ‘pop up’ later this year.