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Dear friends and family,


I have found the perfect gift for each and every one of you!

(No wrapping required)

Hang in there

You can find art — and drama — almost anywhere.

Case in point:

hang in there













Of course, I still argue that the toilet paper (and the desperate couple pictured here) should be clinging to life on the back side of the roll.

That’s how I was raised. That’s how I roll.

Statistics say I’m in the minority with 80 percent of folks adopting the over-the-roll method.

Sad that so many people are wrong.

White Christmas

I attended a way fun holiday party last night with an unusual twist:

The hosts used only napkins, cups and plates that could be placed directly into the compost —  very smart, very green.

Unfortunately, paper products of that ilk aren’t green…or any color, for that matter.  Composting means they can’t contain dyes.  So the party ware was of the decidedly winter white variety.

It was worth it.

But if you prefer color in your paper products, get a load of these! Toilet paper, paper towels, napkins and tissues by Renova in the brightest of the brights!

I love these vibrant, saturated tones.  The toilet paper pictured here is made of 100% virgin pulp, is very soft and absorbent, and is tested under “dermatological and gynaecological control.”

Ya gotta admit, it looks pretty cool.  And it’s also available in black, green, orange, and purple.

White Christmas?  Not necessarily.  (Can’t wait to see Nana’s face…)

Roll over

Do you care about your children’s future?  Then wrap your mind around this one:

The toilet paper tube is becoming extinct.


It’s true.  The toilet paper roll in your bathroom is probably intact…but it’s only a matter of time.

Kimberly-Clark launched the first tube-free toilet paper rolls in their Scott Naturals brand at Walmart and Sam’s Club stores throughout the Northeast in the fourth quarter of 2010. They’re planning tube-free paper towels, too.  And SCA, Georgia Pacific, and Procter & Gamble — which manufactures top-selling Charmin toilet paper — are expected to jump on board the tube-free train very soon.

Let’s face it — eliminating that little brown tube is way better for the environment.  Can you believe it accounts for over 160 million pounds of waste in the U.S. alone?


But I can’t help but be nostalgic — in advance — for all the silly little toilet paper tube craft projects that kids won’t be able to attempt once that cardboard cylinder is no more.

No more critters with that distinctive shape. No more Christmas candles, wreaths or candy canes. No more log cabins, binoculars, firecrackers, spaceships, or yarn jars.  (Yarn jars?)  No more handcrafted masterpieces inspired by that simple circle of cardboard that currently comes free with every toilet paper roll.

Going green certainly has its price.  Oh well, maybe the iPhone will come up with an app to replace it.