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It’s been almost 20 years since Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks put Manhattan’s Upper West Side on the map in the rom-com classic You’ve Got Mail.

Visit my neighborhood today and all the movie’s sights are still here — the local restaurants where they rendezvoused, the farmer’s market, Riverside Park. Everything but her little Shop Around the Corner.

Well, that’s changing.

book-culture3Book Culture is opening their doors literally around the corner from my brownstone apartment and taking up the ‘small bookshop mantle’ that Meg’s character abandoned lo’ those many years ago.

Their window says it best:

youvegotmailNow, the modern version of the movie’s ‘big bad Fox Books’ exists today — Barnes & Noble is just a couple of blocks away.  So it will be interesting to see how this small store will compete on selection and pricing.

But I for one am excited to see life imitate art just feet from my doorsteps.

Wonder if the proprietor will be as photogenic?


I forgot yesterday.

I forgot to write a post.

Since I launched The Egg almost five years ago, I haven’t missed a day.

Until yesterday.

I have great excuses: A packed schedule. Business travel. Lack of sleep. Or do I have…a brain cloud?


It almost got Tom Hanks in the movie classic Joe vs the Volcano.

Clearly I need a really great steamer trunk.

(This only makes sense if you’ve seen the film. Don’t want you think the cloud is upon you…or is it???)

For the boys

Today’s blog is dedicated to guys — actors all — who deserve a little extra love today.

Tom HanksOscar Isaacrobert redford2

Tom Hanks. Oscar Isaac. Robert Redford — all denied Best Actor Oscar nods by the Academy.

Now, I could be talked down on Isaac if the Academy didn’t pretty much ignore Inside Llewyn Davis, save a couple of technical awards.  I mean, it didn’t even get nominated for its musical score.

And while Captain Phillips did get six other nods, how can you justify not nominating Hanks?

Did they watch the final scene??

And Redford?  He was the entire movie All Is Lost. Period. What more do you want?

Apparently anything by Martin Scorsese…and I do mean, anything.

On a more somber note, I want to pay tribute to Russell Johnson — the original and best nerd crush of my generation, who left the world today…

The Professor
We’ll miss you, Professor.


I see from the weekend box office reports that moviegoers chose the special effects heavy (yet atmospherically light) Gravity over the low tech story of high seas piracy Captain Phillips.

They chose wrong.

captain-phillips-posterI didn’t choose; I saw both.

And while they were both amazing yet different achievements in film making, I think Captain Phillips goes one better in its decision to let emotion tell the story.

The confusion. The fear. The anger. The desperation. All clearly visible on the faces of the crew and the Somali pirates.

No 3D or IMAX was necessary to tell this story.  Just an incredible performance by the first-time actors who portrayed the pirates…and the brilliance that we have grown to expect (but that’s still stunning to behold) from everyman Tom Hanks.

Go see Captain Phillips.  I promise…

You won’t miss that extra D.


I rushed to the theatre to see the movie Gravity for two reasons:

  1. the terrifying space collision that we get a tantalizing glimpse of in the movie trailer; and
  2. Sandra Bullock’s performance, which has received rave reviews and early Oscar buzz.

The views of space are breathtaking, and the accident that drives the plot drains whatever air remains in your lungs.  I saw the movie in 3D, and its use is at once seamless and highly effective.

gravity posterGeorge Clooney is his usual playful self in his scenes with Bullock, but I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say she appears alone onscreen for a majority of the movie.

Tom Hanks goes solo on an island in Castaway, and Robert Redford on a crippled yacht in the upcoming All is Lost, so it’s about time an actress — especially one of Bullock’s caliber — gives it a try.

But while Bullock’s Dr. Stone is well-acted — and I was on the edge of my seat time and time again — I left the movie feeling very little emotional connection to her character.  I just expected…more.

Let me know what you think.

The best things

Last night on The Middle, the family did a bit of spring cleaning.

Since I had just killed some rather heinous dust bunnies myself under the bed, their pain spoke to me on a very personal level. Then the daughter Sue had trouble throwing away an old set of hair rollers because she ‘didn’t want to hurt their feelings.’

Why don’t I watch this show more often? Clearly we are on the same wavelength.

I too understand how ‘things’ can have feelings.  So does Tom Hanks.  Remember Wilson the soccer ball in Castaway?  I do.  When they got separated out in the ocean, I cried like a baby.

Snuffles and I love that movie.

Snuffles is a small, white Gund bear that has lived with me since 1990.  He was originally a gift from me and my sister to our mother when she was in the hospital having surgery.

He was very good to our mom, that bear.  And after she died, Snuffles came to live with me.

Snuffles is not your ordinary stuffed animal.  He talks and dances — “Blister in the Sun” by the Violent Femmes is still his favorite song — and has accompanied me on every trip I’ve taken, business or pleasure, for the past two decades.  (This photo was taken when he went with me to Ireland in 1997.)

Rory Dog will tell you.  That’s no stuffed animal sitting on the bed.

That’s his older brother.

Just nuts

When I smell coconuts, I think of Hawaiian Tropic and summers at the public pool in my hometown.

When I see coconuts, I think of Tom Hanks in “Castaway” and Pepperidge Farms white cake.

Nothing about coconuts makes me think ‘cool’ or ‘hip’ or ‘trendy.’

But apparently drinking milk out of freshly peeled coconuts is all the rage now in Brooklyn.  Sidewalk bodegas display them on ice, and tourists buy them.

In a recent New York Times feature, purchasers said the coconut drinks made them feel ‘beachy.’  Others liked the unusual shape and appearance.  Most just wanted to be a part of the latest trend.  But no one said they were super psyched about the taste of coconut milk, which seems like the reason to drink it…right?

Open your eyes, people.  It’s not a martini glass.  It’s a coconut. It’s actually kinda pale and bulbous, and the milk is thin and watery and sicky sweet. Just because you see a few people walking down the street with them, and you happen to be in New York City, doesn’t mean you automatically have to buy one to be cool.

It’s okay to be different.

Perhaps I’ve been an outlier for too much of my life.  Or maybe I just think coconut milk tastes too icky to ‘suck it up’ for trendiness.

If only Diet Sunkist were hip — I’d be the next Carrie Bradshaw.