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Do what you love

Casting directors and agents in New York City often advise wannabe actors to create their own projects.

That way, they can do the kind of work that they want to be doing.

fading gigoloJust ask John Turturro.

He wrote, directed and stars in Fading Gigolo, the story of a guy with money problems who, with the encouragement and salesmanship of a good friend — portrayed by Woody Allen — finds himself the hired lover of a group of lonely middle-aged women.

It’s a great cast:  Sharon Stone, Sofia Vergara, Liev Schreiber, and in a star-making turn, Vanessa Paradis (better known as Johnny Depp’s long-time-but-not-so-much-anymore girlfriend).

The movie was very funny at times, and at other times, very serious and soulful.  The changes in pacing and tone were unexpected and unexplained.  I felt like I was watching two movies that didn’t quite gel, and there were jokes that flew over my goyish head that cracked up the rest of the art house crowd.

That being said, I enjoyed the individual performances and getting glimpses of my Upper West Side businesses and doorways in this very New York City film.

Shake it up, baby now

“Bueller.  Bueller.  Bueller.” — Ben Stein, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”

As if I really needed to credit that quote….

Everyone seemingly knows Ferris Bueller and his idyllic day off with his friends in the city of Chicago.

But imagine you were really young — or had been living under a rock for the past 20 years — and saw this trailer for “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”

What would you think the movie was about?

Isn’t that brilliant??

This new take on “Ferris Bueller” comes courtesy of Joseph Brett on Youtube.  Brett used some of the more artsy photographic shots from the movie and substituted a more angst-ridden soundtrack for his movie trailer.   The two combine to change the entire mood of Ferris’ day-away and give it an indie film air of menace.

In this context, you’re led to wonder:  did Ferris end it all?  Did Cameron really drown?  Was Ferris too late to save him ??

Brett even managed to dig up that wonky shot of Sloane, so even she appears depressed.

Not to repeat myself, but…it’s kinda brilliant.

Brett has inspired me as well.  I want to go back and pull trailers of my favorite comedies and edit them into edgy dramas — my favorite dramas into slapstick!

Whether you meant it as a challenge or not, Brett — I’m in!