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For your own safety

After nearly a decade living in the Big Apple, I think this could work.

It’s like the autobahn — the two lanes would simply have different speed limits.

And no standing and staring ‘up’ allowed in the New Yorkers lane, either.

#ihearttourists #willbeoneagainsoon

5 reasons to take the subway

subwayFirst-time visitors to New York City may be hesitant to take the subway.

I was you once; I spent too much money on taxis and wore myself out walking dozens upon dozens of city blocks.

But trust me —

The subway is the best way to get around town.

Here are 5 reasons to give the MTA a chance the next time you are in town.

  1. Speed — The subway is usually the fastest way between Point A and Point B.  There’s no traffic to contend with, and you have express train options when you have longer trips or are traveling from borough to borough.
  2. Cost — Currently $2.75 a ride, the subway is cheaper than any taxi ride. And while walking is free, you have to think about the cost of your time, and the wear-and-tear on your body. Most of my friends leave NYC broken-down and exhausted from the unaccustomed amount of walking they do…and it was supposed to be vacation.
  3. Comfort  — Except at morning and evening rush, the subway has room to breathe and seats for most travelers. I have claustrophobia, and I use the subway without any problem.
  4. People Watching  — Everyone takes the subway in New York City, from celebrities to crazies on the street…so you will see everything. It is a slice of humanity like no other. You’ll return home with story upon story.
  5. Performances — Like this one:

I mean, come on — take a chance and take a ride!

Traffic stop

File this under News of the Weird:

stop wait goAs I was walking Rory toward the park, I saw a car stalled in one of the lanes on Central Park West. A taxi cab was behind it, and a police car after that. As we approached, the police officers were opening the car doors.

Everyone in the car was fast asleep. The driver was slumped over the wheel. The passenger in the back was laid out flat.

The officer poked them both with his nightstick. It took awhile to wake them up, but eventually they both roused.

A million scenarios from TV and movies went through my mind. Did someone hijack their car and knock them out? Were they overcome by fumes? Were they victims of alien abduction? But it’s probably like a friend of mine said…

They just passed out drunk at the light.



Rain in Syracuse.
Cancelled flight.

New itinerary.

Rain in Philadelphia.
Flight delay.

Class pushed back.

Rain in Boston.
Traffic jam.

Delay day becomes night.

Sun tomorrow?

Push me

Think politicians are fake?  Put on false fronts?  Tell lies?

They got nothun’ on this character.

Meet the crosswalk signal button.  You’ve no doubt seen one in your city.  Probably pushed it a few times as well.

They don’t work.  On purpose.

In Manhattan, 90 percent of the crosswalk signal buttons do absolutely nothing.  And most major US cities are following suit.  Apparently allowing pedestrians to manually change traffic timers causes too much disruption in the traffic flow.

So why keep the buttons out there if they don’t do anything? To give people something to press while they’re waiting.

A “placebo button.”

Well, golly gee, transportation folks — I appreciate your trying to keep me entertained at red lights.  But there are lots of things I enjoy more than button pushing.

Movies. Concerts. Free stuff. Money.

Change ’em out.  Believe me, no one will miss the button.

A watched clock

I’m waiting.  Been waiting for quite a while, in fact.  Which means the person I’m waiting for is…


But when does late become something much, much more?

Is it 30 minutes?  An hour?  Two hours?

I mean, when can you no longer simply say “I’m late”…and instead admit that you have a serious problem?

That you are a bad planner?  That traffic isn’t really working against so much, but that you aren’t giving yourself a realistic amount of time to tackle it at this time of day?  When it happens again and again and again?

In New York City, no less??

I’m just saying.  While I’m waiting.  And waiting.


Coming soon in this space — Am I impatient?