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Towne treat

I had adult cotton candy at dinner tonight. What made it adult?

The maple flavoring.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMaple cotton candy is on the dessert menu at Towne Boston. It has the same consistency as any other cotton candy you have ever eaten — and looks a bit like attic insulation — but the maple flavor is so much better than anything a vendor ever tossed at me at the bottom of the eighth.

That doesn’t mean we didn’t play with it.  It was awfully fun to shape the wispy treat into little pads of sugar.  I even dropped it into my hot tea, just to see how fast it would dissolve.

Answer:  really fast.

Dog days

Dear New Yorker merchandising department:

Please bring back your Dog Cartoons calendars.











I have bought these wall calendars for years. Last year, I couldn’t find that version, but I started shopping in January…so I blamed it on a lack of inventory.

Now I realize they weren’t made in 2012. And early shopping reveals they aren’t around for 2013 either.

This is not a good way to start the year, New Yorker.  I need my monthly dose of doggie humor.  Now, be a good boy and bring them back…okay?

I’ll give you a treat.

Sticky treat

This is the third one we’ve celebrated together since I launched The Sticky Egg, so I think we know each other well enough to go trick-or-treatin.’

Here’s the trick:

The Egg has its own Facebook page now. Perhaps you’ve noticed the over-sized “Like” button at the upper right corner of the page.

Subtle, I know.

But The Egg needs your “Like’s” to make the page legit.  And I appreciate your support, if the feeling moves you.

In fact, in the true spirit of Halloween, I’m giving treats — actual sticky eggs, the toy everyone’s talking about — to 100 lucky “Likers” chosen at random.

(Hope I get that many.)

So speed right over to my Facebook page and do your thing.  I’ll message the winners for mailing details.

They are sticky, icky fun — just like Halloween!