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Something’s rotten

With the world’s attention focused on Ebola — and rightly so — a common fungus is sweeping through our neighborhoods and befalling our jack-o’-lanterns.

And Halloween is over two weeks away!










We’ve got moldy pumpkins on the streets of the Upper West Side — do you?

These proud symbols of trick-or-treat are being eaten away before the kids have donned their costumes… collected their candy… or tossed their first cookie.

It isn’t right.  In fact, it’s…


Trick or treat

I returned to New York City today.

I couldn’t wait to get home, but was frightened of what I would see.

The aerial view of the city, half blacked out and silent, haunted me. The news cameras had focused on flood, fires, that precarious shifting crane. My airport cab driver told similar tales.

But then he dropped me off at my door. Businesses are open. People wander the street, friends gather, dogs bark. My neighborhood looks much like I left it three days ago.

And just 50 blocks south lies destruction.

Tonight I am a very, very lucky girl.

Eggs on film

What in the world is a ‘sticky egg?’  And what would I do with one?” — pretty much everybody

This year at Halloween, The Sticky Egg presented a ‘trick or treat’ challenge to readers:  ‘LIKE’ my page on Facebook, and receive a ‘real’ sticky egg.

Tens of you accepted my terms, and sticky eggs were soon winging their way across the country via snail mail.  I have received many lovely notes of thanks over the past month, with the prevailing opinion that sticky eggs “are really sticky!”

Have I ever lied to you?

One reader (and very dear friend) also shared a video, which offers one idea of what to do with a sticky egg.  Turn your head sideways for optimal viewing.

Way to play, Egon!

Say — what do you do with your sticky egg?

Sticky treat

This is the third one we’ve celebrated together since I launched The Sticky Egg, so I think we know each other well enough to go trick-or-treatin.’

Here’s the trick:

The Egg has its own Facebook page now. Perhaps you’ve noticed the over-sized “Like” button at the upper right corner of the page.

Subtle, I know.

But The Egg needs your “Like’s” to make the page legit.  And I appreciate your support, if the feeling moves you.

In fact, in the true spirit of Halloween, I’m giving treats — actual sticky eggs, the toy everyone’s talking about — to 100 lucky “Likers” chosen at random.

(Hope I get that many.)

So speed right over to my Facebook page and do your thing.  I’ll message the winners for mailing details.

They are sticky, icky fun — just like Halloween!

Cheap trick

Yesterday I mentioned I don’t dress up my dog for Halloween.  Some might find that a bit fuddy duddy.

Well, I’ve found something that beats it.

A dentist in Mansfield, Ohio is offering to buy back Halloween candy from children.  And he’s not the only one.

Dentists across the country are participating in the ‘Halloween Candy Buy Back’ program.

At Dr. Callen’s office in Mansfield, trick-or-treaters will receive $1 per pound of candy turned in (5-pound limit per child) and free toothbrushes.  They will also be entered in a drawing for one of two children’s bicycles.

Now, I know the dentists’ intentions are good.  Halloween candy is all about sugar, and sugar consumption promotes tooth decay.

But geez oh Pete.

Halloween only happens once a year! Shouldn’t every kid experience the rush — and resulting sweet belly — from overeating candy after a night of trick-or-treating?  Believe me, it’s the best way to convince them to never do it again.

Plus, do we really want to turn Halloween into a money-making venture for kids?  Cause this sure feels like it.

Five bucks is five bucks, after all.

Seedy pumpkins

It seems that women always feel the need to — pardon my French — ‘slut it up’ at Halloween, and a National Retail Foundation survey finds that 2010 is no exception.

Ah, tradition.

The hot costume rentals for women this year are Lady Gaga, vixens, wenches, nurses and French maids.  Flappers from the 1920’s are also a perennial favorite.

Makes ya proud to be a woman.

What is perhaps a more disturbing addition to the ‘trash or treat’ trend is a new set of jack-o-lantern stencils on the market that allows you to skank up your home decor as well.

They’re called Pornkins.  (Note the photo used in the article has been blurred.)  That’s because this set of stencils and carving tools gives you everything you need to recreate explicit images of people in various sexual positions.

Wow.  Just that extra something-something your holiday home needs, huh?  And imagine the look on your neighbors faces — and your neighbor’s kids faces — at trick or treat time.

What’s next?

Wait…I don’t even wanna know.