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Laugh it off

I didn’t watch Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2015 with Ryan Seacrest, so I missed Idina Menzels’ performance of  the ubiquitous “Let It Go.”

idina-menzel-responds-to-critics-of-let-it-goRumor has it she botched the final high note.

(Haters on Twitter made sure that everyone knew.)

So Idina went on Twitter and defended herself, saying she is ‘more than one note.’

I can understand wanting to stand up to the backlash, but laughing at the sour note might be more effective.  Audiences love when people in the public eye can be self-deprecating.

Plus, why give nameless, faceless trolls the satisfaction of seeing you rattled?

Let it go, Idina.


No cryin’ here

What’s Saturday morning without cartoons?

Okay, okay — not a cartoon per se.  It’s Jon Cryer, the saner star of Two and A Half Men.…as a troll.

Yep.  Charlie Sheen made the surprising revelation about his former co-star during one of his recent rants, and Jon confirmed the rumor Thursday night during an unannounced appearance on Conan.

It was an emotional and moving confession in which Jon outed other celebrity trolls, including Paul Giamatti, Helen Mirren and Conan sidekick Andy Richter.

You know, I’ve kinda avoided the whole Charlie Sheen craziness.  But this latest incident really helped clear something up for everyone:

Jon Cryer is the funny one.