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I would gobble it up.

Happy 🍗 Day!

Comfort food

Friday night my family hosted my nephew’s rehearsal dinner.

The main course?  Turkey and pork barbecue.

Only much later did we realize that we’d let National Fried Chicken Day pass us by with nary a breast, thigh or drumstick in sight.

(Of chicken, folks — keep it clean.)

Now that our nephew is wed and already enjoying his honeymoon in Cozumel, we decided today to set things right…and gathered the family together for an honest-to-goodness Southern fried chicken dinner.

Plus all the fixin’s.

My favorite meal with my favorite people — what a perfect way to end the holiday weekend.

It’s a small world

Blogs by their very nature are self-involved. But today’s Egg is all about you, the audience.

I sense your confusion.

WordPress has recently given their hosted blogs the ability to see what country site visitors are from.   So I can now see that people from Turkey, Germany, Phillipines, Mexico, France, and Italy all read The Sticky Egg on a daily basis.

To be honest, it kinda blows me away.

So today, I would like to salute the top three countries — besides my beloved, native USA — that have become loyal Eggers:








United Kingdom



Thanks for visiting.  I hope to return the favor very soon!


A mouthful

I am very compromise-oriented.

Just ask my family.

So I appreciate clever companies who create products with compromises built right in.

For example, I don’t do the big Turkey Day dinner; I haven’t for years.  I prefer to spend the day at the Macy’s Parade and the movie theater, munching on popcorn and candy.

And this year’s menu will include Thanksgiving Gumballs!

In turkey, pumpkin pie and cranberry flavors, these candies are a mini-Thanksgiving dinner, which should placate friends and family horrified that I’m skipping the biggest holiday-sanctioned food fest of the year.

Plus, they will help me keep the holiday in mind while I’m viewing The Muppet Movie and The Descendants.  ‘Cause nothing makes a person feel more thankful than…

Turkey balls.

I want…less

The question of the week is:

“So…big dinner plans for Thursday?”

And my answer is:  No, actually.  I don’t.

I don’t do the big Thanksgiving dinner anymore.  And it’s not because I’m sad or lonely or have no friends or family.

It’s a conscious choice.

But, man — the way folks look at you when you say that!  Their eyes get sad, and they immediately try to include you in their family dinners.

It’s so sweet and very much appreciated, but unnecessary.   There are just other ways I’d rather give thanks besides eating a big meal.

You see, I don’t  like turkey…never have.  (I do like some of the sides, though.)   And that huge meal and the pressure to eat a lot all at once is a bit overwhelming.  So my tradition is to go to the Macy’s Parade and watch the balloons, and then eat popcorn at the movie theater.

Heck, I probably eat more calories!

And to show I’m not a total buzz kill for this all-American holiday, I’ve created a poll so we can all vote on our favorite Turkey Day foods (’cause even I’ve got one of those).

Gobble gooble!

Holiday haze

I blame it on the turkey.

People eat way too much of it on Thanksgiving, and — I theorize –the tryptophan-laden beast leaves them in a haze that makes really bad made-for-TV holiday films seem not only palatable but, gosh darn it, great!

I’ve already started watching them, and I’m can’t get enough!

ABC Family’s ’25 Days of Christmas’ began the day before Thanksgiving — the promos way before that — and somehow the combination of B-movie stars and done-to-death Santa scenarios is totally charming.  I’ve found a tear in my cynical eye more than once, believe you me.

How can you miss with classics named…

“Sons of Mistletoe”

“The Dog Who Saved Christmas”

“Naughty or Nice”

“Cranberry Christmas”

“Holiday in Handcuffs”

“Santa Baby 2”   (After they saw the first one, they did a sequel?  Amazing!)

And just to make sure a few of their offerings are actually quality — remember, some people don’t eat turkey — ABC Family landed all the “Harry Potter” films, several Pixar animations, and true classics from my childhood like “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” and “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.”

So, if you like turkey — and even if you don’t — cable television is ready to serve it up on a big ol’ holiday platter.

White or dark meat?