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Angry eyes

ABC's "Good Morning America" - 2013Pretty much everyone knows Grumpy Cat, the permanently sour-faced feline who catapulted from Internet curiosity to international superstar.

Sure, he looks mean, but I consider his dour countenance a rarity in the animal kingdom. Most animals I see have sweet, smiling resting faces.

Then a friend posted a picture of a very judgmental turtle on his Facebook feed.  (It was Turtle Tuesday, after all.)  So I consulted the Google machine to see if there were other cranky critters out there.

Uh, yeah.


















(Don’t move, and maybe they’ll redirect their anger at a small rodent.)

Pay it forward

This made me smile from ear to ear…so I simply had to share!

happy turtleSpecial thanks to Earth Pics for spreading the joy on their Twitter feed.

Check their Instagram account for more amazing photography.

Too much

So I was vegging out on the couch, in a Sunday morning coma, watching 50 First Dates.  A good start to the day.

Then a commercial for “Martha Stewart Pets” came on.  Really?  She’s trying to take over the pet market, too?

Darn that woman.

But I go online to look, so the ad worked.  And of course, the products are well-designed and pretty, if you like Martha’s color palette.  (You can check them out on petsmart.com.)

More exciting to me, though, was my accidental find via Google of Martha Stewart Pet Rocks.

Just look at them!  Only Martha could take pet rocks to a whole new level.

I mean, that turtle is a piece of art.  And I can think of someone in particular who would love those frogs.

I may make the doggie door stop for myself.   We’ll see if mine ends up looking like a dachshund or a dalmatian. But Martha has posted the “simple” instructions online.

Don’t you just hate her?