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I like her odds

Hank or Mark?

If you are a devotee of Parenthood, this quandary makes both perfect sense…and is perfectly frustrating.

parenthood hank and markWhen Sarah (Lauren Graham) and Mark (Jason Ritter) initially began dating, I was thrilled. Is there a cuter couple in TV-land? I challenge you to find one. Their engagement was the only logical conclusion.

Get them to the altar, tie the knot, add a jaunty bow.

But then Ray Romano joined the cast as Hank — crusty, blustery, more-age-appropriate Hank. He and Sarah made sense, too.  (Plus Mark suddenly turned into a woman…so really, what else could Sarah do?)

Now Mark has found his balls and is challenging Hank for Sarah’s hand — who will she pick? More importantly, who do you want her to choose?


Lip smackin’!

“Lip Gate” has me feeling deflated.

You’ve heard, no doubt, that psycho-celebrity Lisa Rinna recently had her upper lip surgically reduced in size.  She says it’s to remove scar tissue that has developed over the years from silicone lip injections she had way back in 1986.

Me thinks it is to promote her upcoming show on TV Land, “Harry Loves Lisa.”  Though some folks have come down on her for yet another round of plastic surgery (even if it is corrective),  it is attention for the series, which let’s face it, the small cable network venture can certainly use.

And her lips can certainly use the reduction.  I’ve seen them live and in person….and they were so large, they practically were their own person.

I was sitting in a diner in New York City having breakfast during a visit here before my move, and Lisa walked in — hat shoved down, big sunglasses, the whole celeb disguise firmly in place.

But those big lips sticking out — so big she couldn’t even close her mouth — I knew it was her in a New York minute.

So kudos to Lisa for returning them to a somewhat more natural state.  Maybe it will make her a bit easier for Harry to love.