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Bring them home?

When the promos for the new ABC drama Resurrection began earlier this season, many people — including friends of mine — said they did not plan to watch.

resurrection abc






The idea of dead friends and family returning was too hard for many to think about, let alone see portrayed on network TV where they knew it would probably go really wrong.

I had similar misgivings, but couldn’t look away.

So I’ve watched the series in its entirety. Not surprisingly, the supernatural aspects are there and haven’t been explained to date. But I don’t think that’s the interesting part.

It’s how the people react to the return of their dead friends and family. How they try — or don’t try — to fit them back into their lives. You’d think they’d be celebrating, but instead they dwell on wrongs from years past that they still can’t forgive.

It’s a really interesting character study.

Leave that scab alone

Is Netflix a good thing?

Sometimes I wonder.

Sure, I can stream all kinds of movies and TV shows for a lowly $7.99 a month. Cheap is good. On-demand is good. Movies at any time of the day or night — always good.

But TV shows?  Entire seasons of shows that I used to loved but were taken away because of unjust networks, poor ratings or stars who went on to bigger and better things?

Somehow giving me a chance to watch those shows again is like rubbing salt in the wound.

myboys‘Cause I still like those programs. I still want to see new episodes. And when they were gone, I learned to deal.

Watching them all again…

Just makes me bitter times two.

Dumb ol’ Netflix.

I know too much

They say knowledge is power.

Sometimes it can be almost painful!

Case in point: I received the Downton Abbey Season 3 DVD on Tuesday — I pre-ordered it on Amazon.

DA Season 3 DVDBy the end of the day, I had watched all of the four remaining episodes.

I know all the secrets of Season 3…and I can’t talk to anyone about them!


But I will not spoil the season for anyone, I swear.  I just plan to re-watch the entire season again this week.

And probably a couple more times after that.

Fasten your seat belts, everyone — you are in for an amazing ride!!