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Hot ticket

I love movies, but this past weekend, the box office numbers were the best show in town.

“Despicable Me” was the number one movie, pulling in an incredible $60 million dollars.  Now, granted, it is an animated feature, and it was shown in 3D on some screens which jacks up the ticket price.  But I don’t think Universal promoted that movie very heavily, other than mentioning Steve Carell provided a voice, and showing us the yellow, roundish critters that are in it. As much as I am in the theater to see trailers, I have no idea what the movie is about.

Apparently, it doesn’t matter.  Here’s what I think did.

It was hot this weekend.  H-O-T hot.  And unless your movie theater suffered a power outage, it was comfortably air conditioned and soothingly dark inside.

“Despicable Me” was the one film that opened last weekend that was suitable for every member of the family.  So parents brought the whole gang and enjoyed the coolness, whether the story about the little yellow men was their cup of tea or not.

Just a theory.  You can challenge it.

Of course, lots of other people went to the movies, too.  “Eclipse” in its second week — with its more ‘specialized’ audience — still pulled in another $32 million.  “Predators” managed $25 million after being gutted in the reviews.  “Toy Story 3” in its fourth week added another $21 million to its coffers, and “The Last Airbender” and “Grownups” pulled in $16 million each.

Everyone stayed inside and caught a show, my friends.

‘Cause it was hot…


Resistance is futile.

Okay, haters — it’s time to admit the world has succumbed.

Taylor Lautner is hosting “Saturday Night Live” this weekend.

Anna Kendrick — Jessica in the “Twilight” saga — is getting much-deserved Oscar buzz for going toe-to-toe with George Clooney in “Up in the Air” (and stealing many if not most scenes in the process).

“Eclipse,” the next installment in the “Twilight” saga, announced this week its simultaneous IMAX release in June, 2010.

And in the ultimate sign of surrender, Uma Thurman, Robert Pattinson’s co-star in the 2011 movie “Bel Ami,” broke up with her fiancee as the movie begins pre-production.

Ya just can’t fight this thing, people.  Better men (and women) than you have tried.

In the words of the Borg — that’s a Star Trek reference for those less geeky than I — well…just read the title.