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Happy Pi Day


Go Big Blue! #BBN

Mum’s the word

Did you know the Internet was international? Seems obvious, right?

Apparently not to some.

mothering sunday 3.14Today several UK-based celebs have been wishing their mums Happy Mother’s Day.

Dan Stevens, who played the recently deceased Matthew Crawley on Downton Abbey.  Chris O’Dowd of Bridesmaid and Girls fame.  But they were quickly corrected by pushy, ethnocentric Americans that “Mother’s Day is still a couple of months away.”

I was at once embarrassed and entertained.

Cable television and the Internet may make programming and actors from other countries available to us here in America, but it doesn’t mean we’re necessarily going learn anything.

Well…at least we’re predictable.

2day’s post


I just learned that OMG isn’t an acronym at all.

NASA is an acronym. FEDEX is an acronym.  The so five-minutes ago and poorly performing Windows VISTA is, too.

But OMG, HTML, and even university initials like BU or UK are not.

What’s the difference?

A group of letters is only an acronym when the the initials are pronounced together as one word.  If they are said letter by letter, like URL, the group of letters is considered an initialism.

Who knew?

I certainly didn’t until this morning, when the random fact was passed along to me via that great center of learning, Twitter.  And I simply had to share.

There.  Now go enjoy your holiday.  You’ve worked your brain hard enough.


State’s rights

If someone asked me to put money on whether or not you’re watching basketball…

I’d take that bet.

March Madness converts even the most casual viewer…and turns real fans rabid.  And while some may attempt to crown the ‘greatest college basketball team’ based on all-time games won (Kentucky) or on games won over the past decade (Duke), I think a different stat is even more impressive:

Four teams in this year’s NCAA tourney — UK, Murray State, Western Kentucky and UL — come from the same state.

And they all ended the season in the Top 20.





Now that’s a sports dynasty.

Catty about fashion

The conference tourneys are underway — March Madness has begun!

But this year the upsets aren’t limited to the games.  Seriously…have you seen the uniforms?

The Baylor Bears debuted this florescent-nightmare-of-a-postseason uniform last night in their win over Kansas State in the opening round of the Big 12 Tournament.

The color is foul enough.  (Perhaps they thought they would be playing under a black light at the Sprint Center?)

But if you look closely, the shorts have a tonal tiger stripe.

Umm — for the Baylor Bears?  Am I missing something here?

It’s been that kinda year in fashion for men’s college basketball.  Nike unveiled a line of uniforms that is so edgy — and so alike — you are hard pressed to tell the teams apart on the floor unless you look at their socks.

Perhaps the fashions designers need to take a time out and remember what men’s college basketball uniforms are all about.

College  Team.  Color.

And then just accept that Kentucky will always look best on the ‘cat walk.’

The fever

Today The Sticky Egg dedicates this space to its mighty alma mater, the University of Kentucky Wildcats, the first team to earn a spot in the Sweet Sixteen of the 2011 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament!


It’s also the first day of Spring, and I can’t help but notice — everything is coming up blue!

But that’s March Madness for you.

Gotta love it.

Tres chic

I’m obsessed with gadgets this week…or, more accurately, how we can’t seem to live without them.

And since President Obama signed the healthcare reform bill this week — Yes, we can — it seems only fitting that we should take our cellphones with us into the hospital in new, improved designer gowns.

It’s all the rage in England.

Ben de Lisi has designed a new hospital gown that not only eliminates the embarrassing butt-exposing back opening, but also includes a pashmina blanket accessory and — wait for it — a pouch for your phone or mobile device.

A tweet a day keeps the doctor away…or something like that.

The new gown also comes with optional cropped pants, a panel insert for larger patients, and the choice of V-neck or scoop.  This man has thought of everything!

I’m just wondering where you put the wireless router…

Danger, danger…

Have you ever watched “Deadliest Catch” on The Discovery Channel?  Commercial fisherman risk life and limb to catch Alaskan king crab in the middle of the Bering Sea.  As you watch these men clinging to the ship, waves crashing over them, you think, “This has to be the scariest job there is.”

Try being a basketball coach at the University of Kentucky.

It may all seem like gravy while they’re on staff, but once they leave, they really seem to scrape bottom.

Exhibit A:  Louisville Coach Rick Pitino.  He offended the UK basketball gods by going to their biggest rival, UL.  And what happens to him there?  Sex scandal with a staffer’s wife. And he pays for her abortion.  Bad, bad publicity…and even worse attitude from Pitino who seems to think he’s above it all.

Exhibit B:  More recent former Coach Billy Gillispie. He just checked into alcohol rehab after getting arrested for his third DUI.  UK fired Gillispie after two years more for his tragic personality than his coaching record.  And he’s still awaiting a decision on his lawsuit with UK for the remaining pay on the contract that he never signed.  (Good luck with that.)

At least Eddie Sutton, who coached UK during my college years, waited to have his drinking problems at Oklahoma State.  (He just had recruiting violations at Kentucky that got us suspended for a few years.)

Our new coach John Calipari appears to be one of the greats.  Of course, right now, he’s still knee-deep in the gravy.