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Squint to sip?

Bloomberg isn’t in this ad for Pepsi — trust me, I’ve watched it several times — but the former New York City mayor’s fingerprints are all over it.

Mini cans of Pepsi?  I drink two cans of Diet Pepsi with a meal.  Going smaller is so…so…



Chip off the…

Do you chocolate chip cookies?

I mean, really chocolate chip cookies?  Then today is gonna be a great day for you!

Today is Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!

That means chocolate chip cookie ers everywhere are going to celebrating.  And by celebrating, I mean buying and cooking and eating their favorite cookie of all time.

I mean, really — how can you not chocolate chip cookies?  All that chocolatey, yummy goodness?  It would be practically un-American!  And you don’t want to be un-American smack-dab in the middle of the Olympics.

So, show your and eat a cookie.  You won’t get a medal, but…

You will get a cookie.