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All in the family

My friend Leah and I went to the US Open tennis tournament today hoping to see favorite players.

Me, Djokovic at the practice courts. Her, Verdasco in his early round match. We were both successful. (Leah even shook Verdasco’s hand.)

jack sockBut we did not expect to meet Jack Sock’s aunt and uncle on the train platform on our way back into the city!

But we did.

They were chatting with friends and were curious about the matches that were still in progress.  And since both of us were intent on our cellphones, they asked for an update.

We ended up talking until we arrived at Penn Station.

I think that counts as yet another sports celebrity encounter — don’t you?


Meet cute

I met another celeb in the neighborhood yesterday.  Or I should say, Rory did.

I wasn’t the one getting a belly rub in the middle of the afternoon.

Bob Balaban was getting food for his daughter’s dachshund Elliot when Rory and I chanced to meet him at the pet store. As always, Rory’s color and indeterminate breeding prompted questions and, before I knew it, Bob and Rory were sitting on the floor together.

I meet the nicest folks when I hang out with my boy.

With his travel schedule, Bob said having a dog isn’t an option.

Well, Bob, consider yourself Rory Dog’s official uncle.  It’s just a small way of saying ‘thank you’ for being so nice.

(And for Best in Show, Gosford Park, Friends, and Waiting for Guffmann, to name a few.)