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Sticky celebration

wed_english-300x108There’s egg on my face, but for the very best of reasons —

It’s World Egg Day!

Here at the Egg, we’re laying low to avoid the paparazzi, but there are celebrations of some import across the globe.

If you live in Bangladesh, grab one of the more than 5000 free boiled eggs being distributed, and attend “EGG FEST 2016.”

The Philippines is holding a charity Family Fun Run event in honor of eggs, and Canada is focusing their celebrations on the EFC — Egg Farmers of Canada — who apparently are very active in their communities, volunteering and donating eggs.

The American EGG Board has a video about an ‘Adventure Egg’ who travels the globe looking for great recipes, but I think the United Kingdom has the right idea. Their theme?

“Put an Egg on It” — to encourage folks to eat eggs in unusual ways.

Gasp — I just realized my sister is British.





It’s a small world

Blogs by their very nature are self-involved. But today’s Egg is all about you, the audience.

I sense your confusion.

WordPress has recently given their hosted blogs the ability to see what country site visitors are from.   So I can now see that people from Turkey, Germany, Phillipines, Mexico, France, and Italy all read The Sticky Egg on a daily basis.

To be honest, it kinda blows me away.

So today, I would like to salute the top three countries — besides my beloved, native USA — that have become loyal Eggers:








United Kingdom



Thanks for visiting.  I hope to return the favor very soon!


Cluck couture

The first snow flurries are falling in New York City today, and the wind chill is especially raw.  So Rory Dog is sporting his winter coat.

I have found a dog wearing winter gear warrants one of four reactions from passersby:

  1. Smile
  2. Impromptu conversation
  3. No reaction at all
  4. “The Smirk”

To all bearers of “The Smirk,” this entry will no doubt add to your animal coddling trauma…

A group in the UK rescues hens from battery farms — egg layers in crowded factory cages.  Many of the hens have lost their feathers due to the poor farming conditions, so volunteers knit little sweaters for the hens to wear while they are healing to survive the brutal English winters.

Then they find the hens new homes.  Many become family pets.

How awesome is that?

The group is called Little Hen Rescue.  Knitting sweaters is just one of many good things they do.  You can check out their website, friend them on Facebook, even donate if you’d like.

Or you can smirk.

It just makes me proud to see people treat animals with such compassion.

To the tape

The Vancouver Winter Olympic Games have been a continuing source of inspiration.

Athletes facing injury, personal tragedy, and seemingly insurmountable odds have performed amazing feats of skill and courage, winning the the highest honor in their respective sport and a permanent spot in Olympic history.

Ya gotta love it.

But not everyone can be an Olympic athlete.  And that’s…okay.  There are other ways to express your skill, creativity, and passion to be the best.

I’m talking about the Scotch Packaging Tape art competition, of course.

The ‘free-form’ competition takes place in the United Kingdom, and features artwork made of — well, tape — and other materials to support it (like wire or cardboard), as long as the ‘other’ is less than 10 percent of the whole.

The photos are pretty amazing — jellyfish, a complete office desk, a lady on a swing — and all made with Scotch Tape.

Rumor has it Scotch Tape sculpture is being considered as a sport for the next Winter Olympic Games.

I’m kidding,  of course.  (It is so clearly a summer sport.)