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The whole universe…

So this happened yesterday.







The Mars Rover team visited the set of The Big Bang Theory
for their taping last night.

I join geeks everywhere in being equally excited that…

  • real scientists joined forces with TBBT clique, and
  • they’re taping new episodes.

Hurry up, fall season!  Bring on the new shows!!


All roads lead home

We all know it’s a small world.  The song says so.

But sometimes the universe puts a big ol’ exclamation point on it.

I flew home to New York City late Saturday after a trip to Chicago and got in the cab, prepared to doze during the drive home.

My cabbie had a different idea.

You see, he was a talker.  He asked about my trip, what I did for a living, where my hometown was.  Since I’m a talker, I reluctantly abandoned the nap and chatted with him instead.

(He had a French accent, so it wasn’t a hardship.)

Turns out my NYC cab driver, who hails from a French colony in Africa, attended Southern Illinois University and had a roommate from Paducah, Kentucky — a stone’s throw from my own hometown.

Coincidence?  Sure…but what a fun one!

Blood type

Now that the phrase ‘tiger’s blood’ has invaded pop-speak, you might secretly be wondering if you have it. Well, that all depends…

Are you a yin (dragon) or a yang (tiger)?

Yep.  The Chinese philosophy of feng shui — and the over 3,000 year old yin-yang theory — can help you answer a question posed oh-so-recently by the drug-addled brain of Charlie Sheen.

Yin-yang theory is the belief that everything in the universe is comprised of complementary elements.  The yin (dragon) represents more feminine traits, the yang (tiger) more masculine qualities.

And you only have to answer 10 simple questions to know which way your blood is boiling!

Take the test.  How’d ya do?

I am a bit of both, so if I do have any ‘tiger’s blood,’ I fear it’s been diluted by the dragon within.