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‘Cat signal

Look — up in the sky!


I’m cheering for you here in Catlanta!


Pinch me

house of cards

Hi everyone. Sorry for the late post.

I’ve been binge watching House of Cards Season 2 all day.

I’m on Episode 10 of 13 right now. I’ve taken breaks for dog walks and meals and noteworthy Olympic events.  And later this evening — if I haven’t already completed the season — I’ll have to call a hiatus to watch a very important college basketball game (UK/Florida).

If it weren’t snowing again, this would be the PERFECT DAY.

Bleeding blue

My 2014 started off with a sinus infection. So while I was lying low at home, I decided to crack open one of my Christmas presents —

sixth man

The Sixth Man movie on DVD.

I’ve been watching a lot of documentaries of late, courtesy of HBO OnDemand, but this is the first one on a topic that I know so intimately —

Growing up a UK Wildcat fan.

The producers look at the fans from every angle, talking to current and former coaches, players, TV and radio announcers, and the fans themselves.  At times we fans appear merely passionate, other times borderline psychotic.  But as even the celebrity fans they interviewed attest, being a UK fan is more akin to religion.

The film revisits some of the pivotal games in UK history — and the fan reaction — so, of course, Christian Laettner’s fateful shot in the UK/Duke game is discussed at length (but not shown because we have all seen that damn thing enough for one lifetime).

Laettner himself appears in the documentary and apologizes for his place in UK history.

Still hate him.

It’s just beginning

Yes, it was in the opponent’s basket.

But ya gotta admit — this accidental shot by UK Wildcat James Young in last night’s exhibition match against Montevallo is one for the ages.

Now, that’s how you save a ball from going out of bounds…

The rest of the story

I was in the mood for basketball this morning, but the UK-Florida game wasn’t slated to start on CBS until noon ET.

Then I discovered Prayer for a Perfect Season.

prayer for a perfect seasonThe notes said the HBO documentary follows the St. Patrick’s High School basketball team in their quest for the 2010-2011 national championship.  St. Patrick’s is located in nearby Elizabeth, New Jersey, so I gave it a look.

Imagine my surprise when the star of the St. Patrick’s Celtics team was none other than —

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

I should say Michael Gilchrist, because he went by that moniker as a high school senior. It wasn’t until he began his collegiate career at the University of Kentucky that he added the ‘Kidd’ in memory of his uncle, who died during the filming.

michael kidd-gilchristOn the day he signed his UK national letter of intent, in fact.

The documentary cameras capture Gilchrist, his St. Pat’s teammates and their families in moments both high and low.

And while I may have watched Michael Kidd-Gilchrist in his NCAA Championship season at Kentucky last year, I feel like I know him a lot better today.

And appreciate him even more.













University of Kentucky Wildcats
National Champions


A grateful Big Blue Nation salutes you.

You were the best last night. The best this year. Simply the best college basketball team of all time.

Thank you, Coach Cal!

Thank you, Cats!

In like a wildcat

It’s here. My favorite time of the year.

I love everything about the month of March.

My birthday is in March.  My sister, dad, brother-in-law, cousins, and a few friends also celebrate their birthdays in March.

So there’s lots of cake.

There’s also March Madness, the most wonderful time of the year (especially when your alma mater is currently ranked #1, and two other state schools are in the Top 25).


There’s St. Patrick’s Day, the Ides of March, the arrival of spring, Women’s History Month — hey, I am a girl — and bizarre celebrations like Save A Spider Day.

Let’s face it — March rocks!

The only thing about March that I’m not totally in love with is the birthstone.  I have always found the aquamarine a bit washed out and unremarkable.

But I recently learned that the bloodstone is a March birthstone alternative — stunning!

That seals the deal — March is the best month of the year.