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Total eclipse of the sun

My favorite subject in college had nothing to do with my communications major.

I took Astronomy 101 and 102 to avoid the chemistry sequence that my BS degree required. I will always be grateful to the University of Kentucky for this ‘broadening of my horizons,’ because it introduced me to Professor Thomas Troland.

Dr. Troland was one of the best teachers I have ever had. His sense of humor made his classes zip by, and made me a true fan of astronomy, a subject I had little knowledge of prior to college.

If you are interested in the upcoming total eclipse of the sun, I encourage you to give a look-see to this UK news story featuring Dr. Troland, who I am proud to say is a good friend to this day.


I was waiting to board my flight to Chicago last night when I heard a fellow passenger utter the familiar phrase:

I bleed blue.

I immediately knew a UK Wildcats fan was at the gate, so I walked over and inserted myself into the conversation. What were the chances?

And can you guess how long it took before we were discussing the UK/Duke game of 1992?

50 days

March Madness is…

march madness

  1. Having a panic attack mid-afternoon when you fear you may have missed one of the Sweet 16 games.
  2. Breathing a huge sigh of relief when you realize they don’t begin until after 7pm ET. Geez.
  3. Keeping your birthday open because you don’t know the game schedule yet.
  4. Wishing the games would just get here…and wanting them to last forever, all at the same time.
  5. Being grateful every day that you are an alum of the University of Kentucky!



It’s the first game of the season, ya’ll!

UK Georgetown sideline


Beat Grand Canyon!

More than a game

In Fever Pitch, the under-appreciated love letter to the Boston Red Sox, super fan Ben (Jimmy Fallon) tries to explain his single-minded devotion to the team to his workaholic girlfriend Sarah (Drew Barrymore):

fever pitch“Clearly, it’s not just a game! If it was, then obviously I wouldn’t care about it this much.

Twenty-three years.

Do you still care about anything you cared about years ago? How about–how about five? Name me a single thing that you’ve cared about for five years.”

That scene always spoke to me.  Even though Ben was talking baseball — a sport I personally never bonded with — I had that passion.  But mine was for…


Harrison shotI’m a proud UK alum.  Years ago, I camped out for those hard-to-come-by tickets at Rupp Arena.

Now in New York City, I  watch very game that the networks allow, and have suffered every negative comment slung at the team this season by the media, haters and ‘fans’ alike.

And I never stopped believing.

The 2014 NCAA tourney has been an incredible, heart-stopping, unbelievable ride.  Kudos to our young team for putting their heads down, playing their hearts out and showing what they are made off when it mattered the most.

Now, let’s all enjoy our FINAL FOUR experience!!



Fountain of youth

I’m as happy as a little girl!

Could it be because the Cats are going to the Sweet Sixteen?

Yes, that is exactly why.

Mad men

Look — it’s a selfie of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Selection Committee!

NCAA Committee selfie

They hope to make it the most shared March Madness photo in history.  Hey, if it helps the Cats —

I’m in!

Big Blue Balladeers

My post is late tonight.

I did put in a long work day.  And I’ve been chipping away at that pile of Christmas cards.  But the real reason?

The Sing-Off on NBC.

I never intended to watch.  But a friend told me one of the a cappella groups was from my alma mater, the University of Kentucky.  So I turned in Monday night to see the ‘acoUstiKats’ perform.

Instant addiction.

They were even better tonight, although they had to participate in — and win — the evening’s sing-off to survive to compete again.

I see another national championship in our future!

True blue part deux

The Sticky Egg is blue today, and it’s not because I’m sad or cold or have gone a little crazy in Photoshop.

It’s College Colors Day.

college colors day

The tradition began in 2005 as a way to celebrate the college experience.  People across America are encouraged to ‘suit up’ in the colors of their favorite college or university to show their school spirit.

It’s no coincidence that College Colors Day occurs when kids are headed back-to-school — a great excuse to wear those new t-shirts and hoodies you paid way too much for at the university bookstore.

So, I’ll be wearing the goods here in New York City — where a University of Kentucky tee turns a head or two — and the Egg will be as blue as any proud egg…

In the Big Blue Nation.

Deep in my heart

I fly to Germany tonight.

It’s for business — as is most of my travel — but every time I think about my upcoming stay in Heidelberg, it takes me back to junior year at the University of Kentucky.

I ushered every performance of The Student Prince, an operetta in four-acts that did a week of performances at the university arts center. The musical is set in Heidelberg, and after seeing that many shows in succession, it is what I associate most with the city.

When I walk into a pub this week, I fully expect to hear choruses of “Drink, Drink!” (and if I don’t, might be forced to start a round or two myself).

That operetta must be playing year round in Heidelberg — wonder if I could see it again in the motherland?  It has been a year or two since my junior year.

Time to make some new memories in Deutschland.