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NYC stories

nyc montageA fun little encounter during my errands yesterday…

I was on the Upper East Side, waiting to cross the street, when a woman asked me where the nearest subway station was located.

I was headed there, so I led the way. We started chatting, and I learned that she:

  • lives in Florida, where I am headed for vacation
  • has family in Kentucky, where I grew up
  • attended Morehead State University, a college that I never hear mentioned outside of the state of Kentucky

She was on her way to a movie audition.  Hope you got the part, Kelly!

In the spotlight

What makes a good celebrity?

Perhaps someone who is comfortable with the spotlight, but doesn’t court it too much.  Can talk to people intelligently, with a sense of humor, but knows when to shut up.  Is self-deprecating, so they beat people to any insult or slight.  And is not so much of a party person that they end their career in a gutter or on a tabloid page.

That’s the kind of celebrity that I would want to be…the kind of celebrity that Daniel Radcliffe is.

Daniel aka Harry Potter appeared last night at the 92Y on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.  He was interviewed by Jordan Roth, President of Jujamcyn Theaters, whose current productions include How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, The Book of Mormon, and The House of Blue Leaves.

So they are both having a really good year.

Like all Brits, Daniel is more articulate than most of us.  His answers to Jordan’s questions were thoughtful, a bit rambling, and very funny.  For someone who has been involved in the most successful movie franchise of all time, he is surprisingly grounded and humble about his role in it.

I’ve seen How to Succeed twice on Broadway, and he was as charming last night as Daniel as he was on stage as J. Pierrepont Finch.  Only Daniel could get a crowd filled with kids, teens, parents and grandparents to cheer the fact that he is an atheist.  The real gasps of horror came when he slipped and said he had a girlfriend back in London (which he tried to treat as a joke).

Jordan covered everything from Daniel’s career, politics, religion, the economy, poetry and cricket.  Daniel didn’t shy away from any question, or from audience member’s occasional outbursts.

He was, as he put it, ‘just a 5’5″ nerdy guy who likes to watch History Channel International.”

Well, then…that’s who I want to be when I grow up.

Going native

Ever since I moved to New York City, I have prided myself on being ‘one of the nice ones.’

You know — the type of New Yorker who will gladly help out a tourist who needs directions or has a question…because it wasn’t that long ago that I was was of them.

But yesterday?  Things took a turn.  Because I was hanging out with a native New Yorker who has no such compulsion to play nice-nice.

I was doing some extra work on a new television show called “Lights Out” on FX Network.  We were filming outside the Pierre Hotel on the Upper East Side near Central Park.

Myself and Herbert — I’ve changed his name because I’m nicer than he is — were portraying press photographers outside the hotel, attempting to get pics of two heavyweight fighters as they entered the venue for a championship bout.

We were standing on the sidewalk for quite a while — one shot took most of the afternoon — so lots of tourists walking by asked us what we were filming.

My response?  “The show’s called ‘Lights Out.’  It’s new on FX Network.”

Herbert’s response?  “Lindsay Lohan’s rumored to be meeting her lawyers here.  We’re trying to catch her coming out for ‘Inside Edition.'”


“Queen Elizabeth has made an unannounced visit to the United States.  Rumor has it she’s inside.”

Evil.  But pretty darn funny.

But the time we had finished, I had joined in the fun, telling every tourist who walked by a different story.  I figured it wasn’t really lying; it was adding another layer to their vacation…and would make a great story when they got home.

That sounds like something a New Yorker would say.