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Location, location

I’m watching Food Network Star right now, which has been in Las Vegas for the past couple of weeks.

But it certainly doesn’t look like Vegas.

food network star vegasEvery time Bobby, Alton or Giada — the show’s three hallowed hosts — stand before this season’s contestants to set up a challenge, it looks like they are shooting the episode in an empty room. Or vacant parking lot.

Food Network goes to such great lengths to clear out the ‘normal folk’ during production, Vegas looks nothing like the manic city I have experienced every time I’ve had the chance to visit.

Why go to the expense of using Vegas as your backdrop if you’re going to make it sterile and still?  You might as well fake the whole thing at the Food Network studios here in New York City.

The show’s producers must have heard me.  They just announced this week’s survivors are coming to Manhattan for the remainder of the season.

That will probably look like Cleveland.



Take a chance

When you think about shows in Vegas, sitting on folding chairs under a small circus tent outdoors may not be the first thing that comes to mind.

But it should be.

We went to see Absinthe last night at Caesar’s Palace.. or, more accurately, in front of the famous hotel and shoppes.


It is filled with amazing feats of physical strength and beauty ala Cirque…but with a personality all its own.  What I am saying is….

It’s filthy. And takes shots at every ethnic and social group on the planet….especially if they are audience members.

Funniest. Show. Ever.

A cautionary tale


Don’t become a pussycat doll who dances in Vegas. In view of the restaurant with kids. Classy.

Blackjack and music and comedy

Sin City, I am in you!


Fifteen years ago, when I made my first trip to Las Vegas, I stayed at the New York New York Hotel. At the time it was fairly new to the strip, and a bit trendy.

For me it was also a tad bit aspirational.  I didn’t live in NYC at the time and wanted to…why not get some good karma?

We have returned there. This time the property was simply a deal…and a fun reminder of home. But I still want to ride the rollercoaster.

May have to do that on my own. (Not everyone appears to have packed their cahones.)

Next stop — Rock of Ages and Ray Romano!!

Double or nothin’

animated dice


Guess who’s headed to VEGAS??

Come on…guess.

I’ll give you great odds.

Gotta love those sparkly dice, am I right??


That reminds me…

This is how I visualize my thoughts today…

Colorful.  Chaotic.  Going off in all directions.

Makes it kinda hard to string sentences together. But last night, this kind of disjointed thinking actually led to a fun conversation with a friend.

Rory and I were walking through the neighborhood before dinner, and I checked the time on my phone.  As I scrolled through the apps, I thought about playing blackjack as we strolled along.  That made me think of Las Vegas.

I wanna go to Vegas.

That reminded me of my very first trip Vegas 13 years ago…which reminded me of my very good friend who went with me…which reminded me of his birthday coming up soon…which reminded me that we need to discuss his visit to New York City.  Which led to a phone call.

All because I almost played blackjack on my phone.

Can I have a ‘woot woot’ for chaos?

King me

Is dressing like Elvis cool again?

I’m only asking because, during a 24-hour period, I saw three men of varying ages, all dressed a la King.  And I’m talking far outside the Vegas city limits — in Buffalo, New York, to be exact.

The first gentleman was my cabbie.  He had fuzzy dice hanging from his rearview mirror — he won them in Atlantic City — and wore long mutton chop sideburns.  He didn’t affect an Elvis drawl, but his intent was obvious.

The second slightly older Elvis was all voice and swagger.  He was dressed in western gear, kinda like Elvis as Jess Wade in “Charro!”  (That’s an older reference from back when Elvis made cheesy movies.  Consult imdb.com for further information.)

And the last Elvis sat across from me on the plane back to Manhattan.  He wore a purple leather jacket paired with a turquoise collared shirt.  He had the coif down cold, and I’ll bet he wasn’t a day over 25.

Long live the King!