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When only one word will do

This was a crappy day.

I woke up to a vomiting dog. He’s feeling much better now, but it took a $400 vet visit to do the job.

My to-do list was repeatedly stymied by frustrating people and annoying road blocks.

And my evening dog walk, usually my stress reducer, was washed out — literally — by a cloud burst that left me and Rory sopping wet.

Yep, crappy was the word of the day. So this video really spoke to me.

…and puts a smile on my face! Great way to put this day to bed and start fresh tomorrow.

Fly away home

Here’s one for the birds.

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed MISSING posters on 81st Street between Columbus Avenue and Central Park.  When I got a closer look, I learned the ‘missing’ in question were a pair of cockatiels.

My first thought was — how did they get out?  Did they escape through an open window that didn’t have a screen?  Or through a door when a delivery was being made?

My second thought was that lost birds would be really hard to find.  It’s not like they have to stay at street level where they can be easily seen.

I felt bad for the owners, too…but I admired their determination to get their birds back.  Then the signs came down, and it kinda slipped my mind.

Yesterday Rory and I stopped to chat with one of the doormen on 81st Street.  A gentlemen I had never met before stopped to pet Rory.  Guess who he was?

The owner of the two cockatiels

Amazingly, both birds were found — 15 blocks from home — by a worker in Central Park who had seen the flyer. They had survived outside for a week, on their own, during Tropical Storm Irene.

I asked the owner how the birds got out.  My theories weren’t even close.  His partner was walking down the street with the birds in a carrier.  They weren’t happy about it, forced the door open and bolted.

I’ll bet home looks a lot better now.