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Video this

Have you watched America’s Funniest Home Videos lately?

Show’s still got game.

I caught part of the Christmas special tonight.  It’s probably the first time I’ve watched the program in 10 years and — darn it — the clips of kids and cats and dogs and grandmas caught in compromising circumstances while celebrating their holidays made me laugh aloud.

Embarrassing, but true.

AFV also kept the holiday show in the family by hosting the special at Disneyland’s Winter Wonderland.  So all the lights and Disney characters and Santa himself added a certain something-something.

Plus, if you are a Tom Bergeron fan like me and find the days between seasons of Dancing with the Stars particularly dark and dreary without his quick wit and showmanship, you can get your weekly dose between clips of painful pratfalls and precocious kiddies.

Tonight was a good reminder for me, too.

Buckets o’ fun

Can you remember the last time you witnessed the birth of something truly amazing?

Maybe it was the actual birth of your child.  Or a huge idea at work that made a gazillion dollars for your company.   Or maybe you simply learned something new that made one of those cartoon light bulbs start flashing above your head.

Hey — it could happen.

Well, yesterday I witnessed the birth of a new game on late night television.  (Yes — something that important.)

Jimmy Fallon debuted a new audience participation game called “Models and Buckets” on his show Monday night.  I saw it Tuesday morning on DVR while I drank my breakfast.

I laughed aloud the entire segment.

I can’t decide if the game is brilliant in its simplicity — pouring stuff from buckets on people’s heads — or if my blood sugar was low and anything would have been funny.  But subsequent viewings on a full stomach still make make me laugh.

Here’s a link to the video clips.  Jimmy cut the segment in two so it would play faster on your computer.  (He’s such a nice boy.)

Let me know what you think!