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Don’t sit down

During the month of October, we see a lot of scary things on TV, in movies, on ads in every walk of life — all because Halloween is coming.

But with the exception of The Town that Dreaded Sundown, I don’t think I have seen anything as scary as the couch at this hotel.


Actually, the photo makes it look kinda vintage. It’s not.

It’s a HORROR.

Tiny memories

I finally put up my Christmas decorations today.

Just made it under the wire.

I’m not usually this tardy.  But a slew of business travel in December left me only two days to prep the apartment for the holidays.

My Christmas decor is much like my day-to-day — contemporary, with graphic patterns and solid colors.  But there are a couple of pieces from my childhood that still make the cut.

tiny sackOne is a vintage tabletop sleigh complete with Santa, elf, reindeer and — best of all  — a sack of toys with real toys inside.  They are teeny tiny things, probably saved from Cracker Jack prizes (back when they were actually cool) and party favors.

We always loved knowing that there was real loot in that tiny bag.  But we weren’t surprised…

Santa — even the tabletop variety — always comes through.