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A bust

bubble wrapApparently some companies still think going ‘viral’ on social media is akin to catching ebola.

Case in point: Sealed Air, manufacturer of bubble wrap.

They recently posted a video of one of their plant foreman explaining how bubble wrap is made in response to a child’s question.

It reminded me of a segment of Unwrapped on Food Network, where they show you how gummy bears, for example, go from their sugary ingredients through the factory to packaging and ultimately the grocery story and your tummy.

The bubble wrap video caught the attention of several bloggers and was even the subject of a Reddit.  But soon after I viewed the video, Sealed Air took it down.

Off the blogs. Off any online mention.  And even off their own site, from what I can tell.

What gives?  Don’t they know all this chatter about a video on bubble wrap (of all things) is amazing?

Revel in the attention, guys.  Don’t burst our bubble.

Payback’s a bitch

If you were a geek in high school like me — and perhaps still are one today? — this PSA by Internet film creater Jason Headley will definitely make you laugh…

In victory.

If you were one of the popular kids, well — this one’s for you.


Look, up in the sky

With all the talk about the weather — you did hear about the snow, right? — a new meteorological phenomenon has become the hot topic on both cable news and the Internet.

It’s called thunder snow, a rare kind of thunderstorm where snow is falling —  instead of the usual rain — accompanied by thunder and lightning.  You don’t see it very often, but it’s more common with lake effect snow in the Great Lakes Region.

The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore was an on-air ‘victim’ of thunder snow recently in Chicago, and the footage of his very entertaining reaction has gone viral.

That Jim.

Personally, I’ve been having more fun with the term ‘thunder snow;’ I’m sure it’s been trending on Twitter.  I believe thunder snow has the potential to go beyond the world of weather and find a unique place in pop culture.

Having a baby?
Thunder Snow would be a cool, androgynous name…and people might assume your child’s parents are movie stars.  (Who else would choose something so nonsensical?)

Starting a band?
Thunder Snow evokes ethnic imagery and a rock sound.  Plus, ‘snow’ is inherently cool (or illegal, depending on how you choose to interpret it).

Creating a new brand?
Thunder Snow could appeal to a large demographic and is appropriate for apparel, sporting goods, furniture — even beer.

Plus, if you’ve got enough money in your marketing budget, Jim Cantore would be a heck of spokesperson.

Holy smokes!