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Blinded by the light

The mystery has been solved.

wpid-IMAG0380-1.jpgBack in August, I posted this picture of a number on a path that Rory Dog and I frequent in Central Park.

Although I was told it probably just referenced a date, I wanted it to mean something cryptic and symbolic and unfathomable.

I watch a lot of Castle.

And what did I find today across the fence line from the aforementioned mystery number?

2013-03-15_08.49.23_resizedA brand new lamp post.

It wasn’t there the last time Rory and I walked that way, which was about three days ago.

So now we just have to wait and see if the number is removed.

Or changes.

Or is joined by a new set of numbers…and then Castle and Beckett are sure to appear to solve the mystery.

Now, that would be awesome.

Flight of fancy

Rory and I had company on our walk today.

And it wasn’t the first time, either.

We were meandering down one of our usual paths in Central Park when, about halfway down, I saw a sparrow waiting.

He turned when I drew near and hopped forward slowing, as if escorting us up the lane.  At a break in the fencing, he hopped through and flew upward to a nearby tree branch.

Standard bird behavior, right?

Except this is the third time that a sparrow has met us halfway down that path.  The third time he’s turned and led us forward.  The third time we’ve parted company at that same break in the fence.

Is he trying to tell me something?  Trying to get me to go to that tree?  To see something in or near it?  You’d think at very least he would chirp loudly to signal the alarm.

Hasn’t he ever watched Lassie?

Fun is a’foot

Like roller coasters? Hiking, too?

Then you’ll love Duisburg, Germany.












Magic Mountain is an elevated walking path designed by German artists Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth. Rising up to 147 feet above the ground, this serious climb mimics a roller coaster…and provides some amazing views for hikers.

And walking in a loop-to-loop? Pretty cool.

Leave it to my German cousins to come up with a way to make roller coasters healthy. What’s next? Subways that are powered by footpower? Buses that we pedal?