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That thing you do

Today the very funny folks at College Humor posed the question —

What if things we did religiously had their own religion?

They developed religions for things like…

  • The weekly TV dramas and sitcoms that we can’t miss
  • Our morning Starbucks run
  • The smartphone permanently attached to our hip
  • Workouts
  • Takeout

You get the drift.

I could add even more activities like making my bed (a holdover from my childhood), walking the dog and playing Candy Crush before bed.

And while I am definitely a member of the TV viewership religion, I participate in a more radical faction —

daily tv show fellowship


(The DVR made me do it.)

The first straw of spring?

It was another ‘walk the dog in 16 degree weather’ kinda morning.

I’m not in Florida anymore.

So when we got back inside, it was all about the beverages.  I started with hot tea.  Transitioned to hot water with lemon.  Which inspired Vitamin Water Zero (lemon flavor, of course).

Maybe that’s why I stumbled upon these way cool straws on Etsy.

daisy straws








Or perhaps I just needed a little touch of spring.

(I’d settle for temps in the 30’s.)

Bird brain

If you’re looking for the first robins of spring where you live…

They’re all in Central Park.

I noticed a large gathering of robins on the Great Lawn when I was walking Rory this morning.  They were spaced out in an almost geometric pattern, standing very still.

It looked much like the start of some sci-fi films, just before the aliens land…or creatures burst through the earth after being buried in pods for centuries.

Perhaps they were exhibiting the bird behavior that mathematician John Nash studied as a student at Princeton, which was dramatized in the movie A Beautiful Mind, starring Russell Crowe.

Of course, there is one other reason the birds could have been standing there on the Great Lawn in the early morning —