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Hot dogs

This dog loves his fan almost as much as my pup.


After every warm-weather walk, Rory Dog lies down right in front of the small circular fan I have in the corner of the living room.  No standing or ear flapping for him;  we’re talking flat on his belly, legs splayed out behind him like a turkey prepped for stuffing.

flat roryOnce he cools off and starts to doze, he falls over on his side.  (Rolls is too gentle a word for his total collapse.)

Ya gotta love dogs — I certainly do love mine!

Together wherever

David Letterman began his monologue last night this joke:

You know it’s springtime in Manhattan…when the carjackers break in through your sunroof.

Funny, sure.  But cracks like that are one of the reasons people can’t imagine living in New York City…especially if they have kids.

Now, I don’t have kids.  But I do have a dog that I walk in Central Park pretty much every morning.  And on weekdays, I see moms and dads with their kids, walking or riding scooters or bikes.

Mom and Dad are dressed for work.  The kids are decked out for school.  And they are together in this beautiful park, talking and spending time before work and school begins.

It seems like a pretty nice way to start the day.

Out in the country where I grew up, kids either took the bus or walked to school.  There was no need for our parents to go with us; we lived in the middle of nowhere.  Nothing much happened, including crime.

I know the kids in Manhattan are walked, scooted and/or rode to school by their parents because it’s not considered safe to be out on their own.  But I think the time spent together as a family is a pretty nice trade.

Plus, they get to live in the greatest city in the world.